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  1. Unfortunately still see through in front middle. I have regrowth in past 3 or 4 mos, but still shedding abnormally. It's been 10 mos since I stopped. I had zero issues prior to spiro
  2. I have been off for 10 months. My hair started regrowing about 3 or 4 months ago, but it is also still shedding abnormally (a lot less than at peak, but still too much). I think I've lost 50%, but it's pretty diffuse. Like you, Gold, the very front middle is pretty crappy and see through. I wish I never touched that damn drug.
  3. I'm willing to bet it was the spiro. It's comforting to know your shedding lessened the previous time. I can't wait for that day as I still have abnormal fluctuations.
  4. Hi there! I didn't get any notification for some reason, I'm sorry. I stopped taking spiro and aczone in May and my shedding is finally getting somewhere near normal. I went to the derm today and she was kind and looked under the scope at my scalp and said she sees lots of hair starting to come in. It has been very hard this past half year. I think i've lost 50 % of my hair, but it is very diffuse and not obvious to most people. Toppik has allowed me to conceal certain areas. On the drugs forum,
  5. Goldteammate, I am 41 and started spiro in may '15. It was upped to 100mg in August 2015. At the beginning of this year I noticed thinning, but all hell broke out in May. after reading many cases like this, I stopped (although one of the derms denied it could cause it). It has been very ,very stressful. My hair also became brittle and I have intermittent scalp pain. It is slooowly fluctuating better days from a few months ago, but still too high.
  6. Hi, I've read a few posts where people experienced hair loss due to spironolactone. This is happening to me now, and I guess I am just looking for recovery stories or support if this happened to you too.
  7. Are you guys still around? I hope so. I've lost 1/3 of my hair from spironolactone. I stopped two months ago and still shedding. Did you guys recover? It has completely consumed me and making me have anxiety, something I have never had. My derm denied it and said to take more, but I never had issues prior.
  8. dani, how are you doing? This describes me right now and I am so upset and stressed.
  9. I'm stressing so much over this. I'm losing soooo much hair and have anxiety for the first time. Paige, do you feel recovered now? I need positive stories, I am so upset.
  10. Any updates with you ladies? I'm going through this now and it's giving me bad anxiety.