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  1. I've been reading a lot about Derma Cleanse, and have heard a lot of good reviews, and i was wondering if ne1 on here has tried it before and what results they've had with it. Enclosed is a link http://www.derma-care.net/how.html Thx
  2. srry i dont know what that is and i have a tube of aloe vera if u had aloe vera how many xs a day wuld u reccomend using it? thx
  3. how many times should i use it? is there ne spencific time i should?
  4. Where can i find this has ne1 used this with results? i dont have much acne but a ton of red marks
  5. Hey, I was just wondering how often should u exfoliate? all replies are appreciated thx
  6. what substances do u guys use to exfoliate?
  7. Yea.................. im gonna be honest with u i have no clue what that is ?
  8. Hey im kinda new at this and was reading this in a the "Dip Regime" i bet with a mild exfoliation (baking soda) before doing the dip...this dip method would be fantastic. I think the breakout the people are getting (including me) with the dip is because the nasty stuff is trying to get out from the water purge but the skin has blocked the pore therefore it ends up pushing the skin and reactivating the whole pimple process. So with the exfoliation now...that thin layer of skin wont be there a
  9. How fast should I expect tot see results?
  10. Thx for the feedback guys I decided to try the soak routine i'll let uk how it goes i'm only 3 days in
  11. Hi Im 14 years old and have been affected by acne for about 2 years now the first year was nothing serious but i often picked at my face. The last year it has been moderate. I have been lurking around the forum for a while now, and finally decided to join. I have a few questions Does lifting weights affect acne? How much of Acne is stress-related? What are some of the things that have worked for you ? I've heard of people aplying toothpast