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  1. Hi everybody, It´s been six weeks after my first dermarolling treatment with Dr.Chu. The treatment has definitely helped my scarring! I expect the results get even better in the next few weeks and I would think after 4 treatments I should be very happy. Such a shame that the waiting list is so long- my next appointment is in September. Although it hurts, I can´t wait for him to roll the areas he didn´t touch yet! Of course my face isn´t smooth and scar-free now, but is definitely much smooth
  2. bama2000, there´s not much you can do to prepare. I said that I wouldn´t care about the pain, but thought differently when he was performing the procedure..It REALLY hurt! So prepare.. Good thing is that it only lasts around 5-8 minutes.. Pff.. Not sure, but I think this works the same way as Fraxel, so if your skin damage is rather superficial ( wrinkles etc.) the spacing between treatments should be short. For deeper problems such as scars I think longer gaps are recommended.. Dr. Chu said
  3. He said that if needed he might do some TCA-cross treatments after finishing all the 4 dermaroller treatments. I suppose subcision and dermarolling could be performed on the same day if they´re done to separate areas on the face.. not sure how it would work otherwise Originally he only described 4 treatments to me: derma, TCA cross, subcision and Nlite laser and he said dermarolling would be the best option for me. I think he said that they´re not doing anything invasive so not sure if he pe
  4. Hi Dazarooni, No he didn´t tell me a percentage. All he said that everybody have benefited from the treatment and some have said that they can´t see their scars anymore.. That sounds good to me. Today he mentioned TWICE that the results should be very good. I have no reason not to believe as he is not trying to sell me the treatment but treating me via NHS. I have a feeling that this could work well. I had C02 laser peel 2,5 years ago. It helped a bit ( a friend said she thought it helped a
  5. Hi everybody, I decided to start a new post about Dr. Chu´s dermaroller treatment. I just had my first treatment today. Dermarolling was much more painful than I had thought.. I was warned but I still thought it wouldn´t hurt THAT much. It probably didn´t help that I forgot to take the painkiller he had suggested I should take 1 hour before.. Anyway he kept saying "no pain no gain" : ) and said that the results have been brilliant so the pain is worth it. He said I should see some results
  6. Hi, Ok, that´s great. They obviously have different system and more time available for private patients. Hope everything goes well for you! What kind of scarring do you have?
  7. Hi, I got a referral from my GP and had to wait around 2-3 months for an appointment with Dr.Chu. He said he´ll do the treatments via NHS so I´ll only pay for the dermaroller ( £85 I think). He said it can be used 4 times. I had my first appointment 3 weeks ago and he only assessed my skin and booked me for the actual treatment ( which is on Wed). I think they might have multiple rollers already delivered from Germany, not sure. I don´t think he´d do any treatments on your first visit beca
  8. Hi Snowman, I´m having my first dermaroller treatment on Wednesday. Quite excited and a bit nervous. I checked their website (dermaroller.de) and they say that the results will start showing after 8-12 weeks after treatment .So I suppose one has to be patient.. Are you using any special creams at the moment? I just thought that if one would start using copper peptides or something after treatment it might boost the collagen production even further? Also, did Dr. Chu ask you to protect your skin
  9. Hi Snowman, Good to hear from your experiences! Do you see any kind of results yet? I saw Dr. Chu finally today and after seeing my scarring he said dermarolling would be the best option for me as I only have rolling scars. My first treatment is in 3 weeks.. How long does the treatment take per cheek? I´m not worried about pain if there will be results. He said people have generally been very pleased with their results so I´m quite optimistic.. no i very much doubt he will obviously he
  10. thanks for the info! My GP was a bit surprised that I wanted a referral as he thought nothing can be done to treat acne scars... he was happy to write one though and is curious about the results.At the moment I´m using TCA latte that I ordered from the USA, I´ll have to see if I get any results. Can´t wait to see Dr.Chu.. snowman, hope your treatments are turning out great and you´ll see good results! Btw is he doing isolagen as well? I suppose that can´t be covered by NHS or can it?
  11. Snowman, many thanks for your reply. So you´ve had TCA cross done twice now? What are the results like? My GP wasn´t sure whether Dr.Chu could see me as I don´t live near Hammersmith area ( I´m in N8) I´m not sure how it works.. But is it possible to book him to see me privately as well? So I could see him sooner? When is your dermaroller treatment? Can´t wait to hear what u think of it! No worries Daz anything to help others out!! about private what i was wondering was cost differen
  12. Hey, that´s great news! My GP referred me to him and I was just wondering how long did it take to get the appointment?