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  1. I haven't really followed that guideline, but I always took it with food. Cereal or eggs in the morning and like 2 hours after a big dinner. Do y'all think I'm good to go or should I complain to my doctor? I have a small cyst on the top left of my forehead (the first cyst I've had in 2 months). Also, I have pretty terrible scarring. What's the best method for getting rid of them? My derm told me he'd put me on retin-a for scarring, but I have a little bit of ice pic scarring on my jaw lin
  2. 1 zit a week that goes away in a day vs 20ish cysts at one time.
  3. Any other recommendations? I'm pretty sure the max dose is like 12000 or something and I'm at 14000.
  4. As the title says, I'm on my last week of accutane. After 6 months of 40 mg twice a day, I'm done. (Cumulative dose 14000ish, I lost a few pills) Should my acne be completely gone? The results have been unbelieveable, but I'm still getting 2-3 very small zits a day. I read that that your face should continue to clear up even more for a few months after your last dose. Can anyone verify that?
  5. TIPS: Washing my hair with conditioner only and shampoo once a week has helped with the dry scalp. I have also been using Garnier leave in conditioner every morning. Aquaphor has been a life saver for me. My lips could not survive without it. Around zits I have that are popped and getting flaky, I put aquaphor on a q-tip and put it on the dry parts but not on the zit itself. WELLBUTRIN USERS: I have blamed my mega flare up on wellbutrin and I still do. I started taking it to coun
  6. Here I am, about to hit 2 months I have tried the regimen. Worked great on my bacne, except for my bleached shirts. Tried it on my face for about 2 months and it just got worse and worse. It was the final thing I tried before accutane. I think I may have done the regimen wrong. I used glycolic acid morning and night instead of lotion because I thought they were the same thing. Anyways, I'm gonna stick out a round of accutane and see where it takes me. This is my first r
  7. Good luck man. On the hair dryness, I use a Garnier leave in conditioner because I started getting a flaky scalp. Personally about 1.5 months in and already seeing mild results. I also have depression, but I don't feel like it has effected mine at all. I take lexapro 20 mg and wellbutrin 300 every day. Just a word of advice, since you aren't on antidepressants, I would not recommend them unless you cant live without them. Before taking any, be sure to look up the process of getting off th
  8. Week 2: These are update pictures. Scalp is getting really dry so I am putting in leave in conditioner after every shower. That helps a lot, as does washing every other day. No sign of it getting better, but no more side effects besides dry lips and dry nose. Have a big zit in my left ear incase anyone knows how to get rid of that. Also getting quite a bit of acne on my back which I never get. Honestly, it looks like it is getting a little bit better hoping it keeps going t
  9. Day 10: Experiencing some new side effects. Nose has been pretty dry a little bloody, but no full on nose bleed. Scalp is getting extremely itchy and dry little dandruffy which I had no problem with before accutane. Surprisingly the tops for my ears are also getting pretty dry. Only gonna be posting pics every week or every other. Still getting plenty of acne, but I think it might be getting a little better. My mom told me my zits look like they're drying out but I'd love for her to s
  10. I ended up starting a course of accutane. Mom used it and cleared her up without a zit for 10 years then extremely light acne 5-6 zits a year from then on. You can follow my accutane adventure here http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/360262-17-male-week-by-week-progress-pics-on-80mgday/
  11. In on this thread. Just went through your pics and there is definite improvement. Hope your skin clears up completely and soon!
  12. Day 7: The dryness everyone is talking about is starting up. Expect to get side effects quicker than most since I'm on 80 mg a day. As you can see, the acne has gotten somewhat worse. It was looking much worse yesterday, but since i went ahead and popped all my whiteheads this morning, it doesn't look as disgusting. No forehead acne yet (knock on wood) and I'm very thankful. Forehead acne is the worse only topped by on the nose and between the eyes. Face is definitely drier, but moist
  13. Seen a lot of logs that gave me the courage to start up Accutane and I would like to share mine to help others make the decision. Background: I have been an acne sufferer since I was 12 years old. It began very light, mainly around my forehead where my hair touched my face. It progressively got worse and by 14 I was at a dermatologist for light/moderate acne with the occasional cyst. I have a long family history of sever cystic acne on my mother's side and on my dad's there was the occa
  14. Hello, I stopped using tretinoin for about 2 weeks becuase i was breaking out (now I realize it was due to the fact i was wearing a hat), and I switched to the Acne.org Regimine. I love it for my bacne, keeps it all clear, but it did not work for my face. I started breaking out more and more, not just on my forehead and temples, so I switched back. Now my acne is worse than ever before and it reminds me of whenever I first started tretinoin about 2 years ago. Is that what could be causing t