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  1. When I was 34 I made the decision to take accutane. I had suffered with acne since in my teens and it was controlled for most of my twenties through birth control. After getting married I decided to stop the BC so that I could have children (I have 2 kids). After being off the BC my skin returned to it's old ways, extremely oily, break outs, painful cysts etc.....very embarrassing for a woman in mid 30's working in a professional environment. My signature tells you the dosage I took and the
  2. I continue to use the Aveeno Cleanser in my signature and only use it once a day. 8 months post tane and I'm still completely clear.
  3. Be smart about your sun exposure. Last summer I spent a lot of time outdoors at my Lake house and used a minimum of SPF 30. Also, when I felt Like I was getting too much sun I would seek shade.
  4. I saw no difference when my dosage was upped. It was just improvement from the time I started till the end of my 6 month course.
  5. Good Luck with your course!!! I'm 34 and suffered for years using every cream antibiotic and dealt with the yeast infections too. I completed my course in September and it's the best thing I've ever done. You won't be disappointed.
  6. Age: 34 Months: 6 month course; been post tane for 3 months Dosage: Month 1 - 30 mg Claravis; Months 2 thru 6 - 60mg Claravis & Sotret Current: No Signs of acne, lips back to normal, dry eyes back to normal (contact wearer), oil returned to hair but not face. Self confidence at it's best since I'm clear! Side effects: My side effects are gone but I did experience the usual dry lips, eyes, lower back ache for the first month...
  7. I used this one also for the whole summer I was on tane.....it worked great and it's very light.
  8. I'm almost 3 months post tane and while my skin isn't as sensitive, it's not at all oily. Before tane I had oil just oozing out of my pores where I would have to wipe my face 3 times a day. I don't know that it will go back to its normal state.
  9. Just figured I'd post an update......I'm now 3 months post tane. The oil has returned to my hair but not my face at all. I'm still clear, my red marks have faded some but they're still there especially if I go outside in the cold weather (I will take the red marks over a cyst any day). My contacts are back to being comfortable in my eyes and most importantly, my self esteem is at it's highest it's been in a while. To all of you who are suffering now.......there is hope and you will see the
  10. I'm so glad you posted this. I had been going for eyebrow, lip & bikini waxes for the 5 years pre accutane then I stopped during my course. Now I'm 3 months post and I was afraid to go back since the book said wait 6 months. I may try it now.
  11. I was on sotret & claravis during my course. Both worked fine..I'm done & completely clear.
  12. I finished my course last month...it was the best thing I ever did and I'm completely clear. You made the right decision and you won't regret it. Just remember that it may get worse before it gets better but you will love the results. I put it off too long and suffered until I was in my 30's and now I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner. Good Luck!
  13. Excellent.....you got great results!!!! Congratulations!!!! Isn't it great to be finally clear?
  14. My red marks are primarily on the my nose & forehead. Althought I still have them they are no where as red as they were 2 - 3 months ago. It will take time but they will fade.
  15. With spiro & antibiotics there is no end in sight....with accutane you can take 1 six month course and be done with it possibly forever.
  16. Thank you guys.....I'll still browse the forum and answer any questions. Hopefully I won't be back for a second round! Thanks!
  17. I agree with this poster.....give it 6 months to be safe.
  18. Through my whole course I used Neutrogena with helioplex spf 55. It's non greasy, absorbs right away and doesn't smell like a traditional sunblock.
  19. I went to my derm and my accutane course is officially over!!!!! I am completely clear and never had as much confidence as I do now. Just wanted to thank everyone for posting on these boards...by reading them it's helped me get through the last 6 months. For any of you contemplating this treatment, it's well worth it. I was scared to take it because of the side effects and put off taking it for a long time after 3 derms told me it's my only option. The side effects turned out to be minim
  20. I had minor skin flaking the first month which was March. After that it was clear sailing, I went swimming & to the beach all summer with no problems. I probably depends on the dosage you are on.