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  1. i have scars after accutane an i hate them they r real bad. but the docs r giving me laser. but they said i would scar if i never went on the accutane so dont think it was the tablets
  2. i hate my life at the mo. i dont go out the house only if i go docs an my mom has 2 take me in the car an i sit in the back.an it really gets me down. its not acne any more just scars but bad ones. an i get up set so easy. im havin laser in 3 months. so in 6 maybe 7 months time i'll be able 2 get my life back. by then tho i wouldn't have be out the house in 18 months so i dont no how im gonna be. so im thinkin of gettin some help but i dont no what 2 do. i was an out goin girl because id be the
  3. this time last year my face got so bad i was in so much pain i could not eat or sleep i had big red lumps. then i went on accutane its made all the lumps go. an they ill never get a spot again. but i have scars now just waiting on laser but im scared its gonna hurt. i no i have 2 have it done because i need my life back. i used 2 love going out id go out every weekend. now i wont go out the house

  4. i got dry lips an made me moody but it work i was on 3 tablets aday im not on them any more tho .
  5. im 21 i had spots from the age of 15 but this time last year they got so bad they was not spots but big red lumps i was in so much pain i couldn't smile eat or sleep they would just weep all the time and it hurt 2 even wash my face with water. i had only been goin out with my boyfriend 4 a month. so i found it so hard 2 talk 2 him about it because i never spoke 2 any one about my skin because im so shy i would but so much make up on. when i told him i cryed an he told me not 2 be silly. he told