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  1. I have white patches on my lipper lip due to a Biore strip mishap a few years back. I've tried needling to no avail, in certain light the white patches stick out like a sore thumb, makeup doesn't seem to cover well. What kind of treatment do you recommend? I'm desperate for some sort of hope! Thanks!
  2. Yikes sorry for the grammar errors, that's what happens when I post from my phone lol. Well I've been to two derms who both recommend either totalfx,V-Beam or Smoothbeam. I am undecided as to which one is better with both pigmentation AND texture? In some light it looks more indented than red & in other light vice-versa. Depending on which light I'm in, that's what laser is recommended by the derm. It's frustrating because I don't want to waste $ on the wrong laser, I'd like to help pigmenta
  3. I have quite a few others that don't show up as well that are pink and cracked like from acne damage. I'm pretty decided on done laser but don't know if I'm better off with a stronger or lesser strength one, in certain light they all indented
  4. I have many red, indented scars along my jaw & chin line. What laser is recommended to improve color & indentations? My derm recommended Totalfx but I'm afraid this will make the redness worse? Would Totalfx followed by V-beam be best? I would like to try to kill two birds with one stone (redness & texture) but not sure if that's possible. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..
  5. I've been considering excision, my scars are very similar to yours, what does it look like now? Would you recommend it?
  6. Can anyone tell me if you can use the roller on new scars? I have a couple rolling ones on my chin that are about 3 months old..
  7. I have a couple rolling scars on my chin that are about 3 months old, is it too soon to begin dermarolling or no? I don't want to impede the healing process but I'm also to begin some sort of revision!
  8. I recently acquired a couple new rolling scars on my chin due to a bout of cellulitis (I've been dealing with this condition for over 10 years, sometimes it scars, sometimes it doesn't). My question is can I dermaroll on a scar that's about 3 months old? Will it damage it further if it's not fully healed yet? Also when can I start considering revision options? I know it takes about a year for a scar to heal but has anyone gotten treatment earlier than that? I am so desperate, it looks so hideous
  9. Well hello my lovelies, yes I'm the one that started this thread wayyyy back when. Just an update on my progress, I've had a total of five Fraxel treatments and have to say that the mild improvements I may have seen at the time have completely disappeared. My skin is back to looking how it was post Fraxel & I even developed a huge blister after my last treatment which resulted in yet another scar! Great, I was going to get rid of my scars! I have even asked friends opinions hoping that I w
  10. It' been almost a week since my second treatment, I still have some red streaks but the majority of it has faded. I do have some breakouts on my chin & by my hairline, I don't know if this is common or not, I haven't broke out in months & now all the sudden I am like crazy, is this due to the Fraxel? I'm flaking but no peeling what so ever, how long did it take others to peel? Overall the areas that aren't breaking out look somewhat smoother but it's still too soon to tell. I'd say fr
  11. DOES your doctor use the newer method of applying the blue ink [ you numb first and then apply the ink right before getting blasted, this way it comes off very easily without scrubbing and keeps your skin from getting even more red and irritated ] ←
  12. Had my second treatment today, this time it was at level 11. I definitely felt the difference between level 10 &11, I squeezed the hell out of the stress balls this time LOL. God bless those who have had 14 or higher! It's been about six hours now & I'm still beat red with some lovely lingering blue, I'm hoping I won't have to wear a burka all weekend! I asked the doc. about the success rate so far with Fraxel & she said that they've seen great results in terms of acne scarring,
  13. Ok day three post Fraxel, I have a little flaking today but nothing major. I do see an ever so slight improvement in my indented scar plus my skin still feels really smooth. So far I would guesstimate a 5% improvement in skin texture. Aside from the pain factor I'm really looking forward to the next session, hopefully I'll continue to see improvement!