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  1. i've never used a moisturizer while trying to cure my acne because i was scared it would break me out more since my skin is sensitive but now my skin is getting dry after i wash my face and apply bp so i think moisturizing should be a good thing. anyone know a good moisturizer for sensitive/dry skin?
  2. can anyone who has been using this cleanser with sensitive skin tell me how its going so far? i have sensitive skin and im scared to try a new product and possibly ruining my face even more. the comments in this thread really make me wanna try it!
  3. hey guys, i just got out of the shower and all of a sudden i notice that i have a little straight line on my left cheek (where i have some acne) thats totally a different skin color. im brown and the line is very light. (no pics right now sorry) anyone have a clue what may have happened? sweat and the sun maybe? because today i was in the sun for a little and was sweating a lot (los angeles weather). im scared because it doesnt look right and it made my face look worse!
  4. where can i find 2% salicylic acid Gel?
  5. i never got a blood test but i can definitely tell my acne is hormonal, so taking only fish oil will do the trick to balance hormones? is there a certain kind?
  6. Oh ok i tried that and the whitehead came back, should i keep popping it or what?
  7. I was wondering what's better, popping a whitehead and applying BP over it? or leaving the whitehead and applying BP?
  8. i have sensitive skin, i use cetaphil gentle cleanser then apply the bp. even though i've been using 4% for almost a year it still has that lil burn feeling sometimes. maybe going down to 2.5% will do the trick?
  9. i live in souther california, i dont know what to get. should i get 2.5% BP and go lower than my 4% or should i get the 5% BP and go higher? what do you think?
  10. hey everyone. i havn't thought of looking at a message board for acne until now and this looks like the spot. i currently have mild acne close to moderate mostly on my cheeks. i just want to know where i can buy BP 4%? i got it from my dermatologist awhile ago but i don't have insurance anymore so i can't get a refill and im close to running out. any recommendations on where i can buy 4% BP or what BP to buy?