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  1. I've struggled with these buggers for years. I'm currently using BHA at night and its been helping. Their not completely gone, but theres been an improvement.
  2. Thank you Willow, Ayla and Greg for the advice and support
  3. It doesnt sound like you need accutane since your skin is crystal clear at times like you describe. Maybe there is something else thats causing your acne rather than slipping from your regimin. Have you spoken to your doctor or derm about it?
  4. Update: family member suggested I use bactroban on it... I'll see if that helps, hopefully it doesnt get worse although I honestly cant imagine it could get much worse than it already is.
  5. Thanks. Ive heard polysporin does the trick but unfortunately you csnt get it here in Australia without a perscription so i'll have to see if i can get in to see the doc asap.
  6. Anyone else had a similar experience at least?
  7. I feel you. I break out around my mouth to and I look like shit at the moment. I have a hole in my chin. Literally.
  8. I'm an idiot. I had a small pimple on my chin that I tried to pop but ended up damaging the skin. The next day the skin around was all yellow and soft and rubbed off as I was washing my face and left me with red raw skin and a hole. Its been a week and the hole looks even deeper now, about 2mm which I am sure means it will be a nice big scar and about 5mm in diameter - so a big noticeable wierd looking hole in my chin. Its gone through a few stages: it started red, raw and weepy, then went yello
  9. Hey, noticed ya spying on ma profile ;) jst kiddin, hope ur well =)

  10. Thank you girls . I'll check them out.
  11. Hi everyone I have really fair skin and I am looking for a bronzer that won't break me out. Any suggestions? Thanks