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  1. it isnt red tho its like dark brown
  2. so wait which one gets rid of scars like rolling scars and dark marks? Power Pimple Peel Scar Fade & Erase or AcneFree Severe System
  3. what are some other options? i have kind of the same scars im too broke for fraxel what else can i do to get rid of it?
  4. yeah i have those too anyone have a clue how to make it fade?
  5. how much is fraxel laser? i dont wanna skim through all the pages
  6. i've been on DKR and Proactiv and i think when i started applying BP my skin looked mildly better then it was worse then it was before i applyed the BP is it cuz i got older(im 16 i started applying bp around 13) or is it the BP?
  7. You could do that, but that would be the exact opposite of what I would do given my experience with Proactiv! I would throw the face wash and toner away, get that shit as far away from your face and any fabrics as you can, but keep the repairing lotion. It's actually a pretty decent 2.5% BP product, nice moisturizing base, goes on fine, it's biggest drawbacks are that it's really expensive, it has a fragrance in it, and you can't get all the BP out of the bottle. I prefer it to Neutrogena On-
  8. my cousin sent me proactiv and i was wondering if i just use the renewing cleanser and the revitalizing toner and basically use my Neutrogena On the Spot instead of their repairing lotion will it ruin my skin?
  9. should i get off the CSR and go back to Tretinoin?