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  1. alex20978

    Birth Control for acne

    I also recommend Ortho Tri Cyclen! However it gave me a HORRIBLE initial breakout! It took 4 complete packs to clear me.
  2. alex20978

    What Type of Scar treatments do I need!

    It's a great read! I started reading it when my skin was at its worst and honestly it helped me so much. There are lots of things you can do such as meditation, positive visualization practices, and different exercises... I know it sounds like mumbo jumbo but really, it helps. Thank you for your kind words! Please keep me posted on your progress!
  3. alex20978

    My struggle with Acne

    Hey. I am so sorry you are having to go through this. Acne is debilitating and the scarring that comes along with it is another thing in itself. You are very brave and a strong person to continue to go to school and succeed in your classes despite your condition. It is so hard to look in the mirror and not recognize the person staring back at you. I will keep this short - I assume you are a guy - have you talked to your doctor about hormonal imbalances and how to correct them? I'm a girl
  4. alex20978

    What Type of Scar treatments do I need!

    I actually know exactly where you are coming from. In May I was going through a very stressful time in my life - my dad, who I am very close with, was diagnosed with cancer, I was also going through a hard move and changing jobs from somewhere I had worked for 7 years prior. So, I was stressed to say the least. My hormones were out of whack! My doctor prescribed me Ortho Tri Cyclen - I took my first pill the beginning of July and WHAM I broke out like NO OTHER..... Literally nodules and 20 c
  5. alex20978

    Will my scars heal with time?

    Thank you for the advice! I see my derm next week and will talk with him about it! So, in May my dad was diagnosed with cancer, I changed jobs, and also moved... so I started breaking out due to stress... little tiny bumps all over my cheeks. My derm put me on Ortho Tri Cyclen to regulate my hormones during this stressful time in my life and the BC caused me to have a SEVERE cystic outbreak. I stuck through it though and I've been on it since July 7th and it's finally calming down. I wis
  6. alex20978

    What Type of Scar treatments do I need!

    Hi sweetheart. I am sorry you have to go through this. Acne and its resulting scars cause an emotional and mental battle. I am 25 but know what you mean when your parents aren't the most supportive. It is really hard to not feel like you have a support system or someone who understands what you are going through. Can I ask, how old are you? Your skin rejuvenates itself every 30 ish days. I would continue to eat as healthy as you can. Look into using honey as a mask. Consume lots of a
  7. alex20978

    Will my scars heal with time?

    Will my scarring improve with time? I had a horrible breakout from July-about a week ago. It's just now clearing up, so they are pretty new scars. I do have a little makeup on. I'm feeling very self conscious and down on myself but trying to be positive, and convince myself the worst is over.
  8. alex20978

    Can You Recommend a Moisturizer?

    Hey!! I literally only use Black Seed Oil (black cumin, nigella sativa, lots of different names) as a moisturizer - about 5 drops morning and night. I have VERY SENSITIVE skin, almost anything breaks me out - and this oil doesn't! I buy Amazing Herbs off of Amazon but I have also used a different brand (that was twice the price) and it worked just as well. When you are purchasing, just make sure to choose an organic, cold pressed, NIGELLA SATIVA... that is the correct name. Honestly this
  9. Hey!!! I know you posted this almost a month ago but I feel your pain. If you look at my older post my cheeks broke out like you described, thousands of tiny white under the skin bumps back in May - due to STRESS. My father was diagnosed with cancer, I was moving and also changing jobs (all at the same time). I'm still in the middle of my journey to get clear - long story short, my doctor put me on BC as well to help even out my hormones during this stressful time in my life (I am also 25 y
  10. alex20978

    Severe Hormonal Acne

    Hey! I'm not sure how your progress is going but I wanted to chime in... Do some research on anti inflammatory foods. I use a honey/turmeric mask almost every night and it has really helped. Honey also helps with wound healing and to prevent scarring. I use organic raw neem honey that I get at Whole Foods. They say to use manuka honey but it's expensive and the neem honey works just as well for me (I've used both). I drink a cup of "golden milk" every night or twice a day. It's a mixture
  11. alex20978

    clear skin to breakouts on cheeks!

    Hey, im having the same issues. Did oil cleansing for a few months and I stopped, same thing- cystic acne on cheeks and lots of little bumps. im just using manuka honey on my face twice a day - nothing else. It seems to be helping a little. They say it takes up to two weeks to see results.
  12. See the circles and the raised marks? Particularly on the right side. someone please help I have been to three different doctors.
  13. alex20978

    Weird bumps on face

    Looks like maybe Pityrosporum folliculitis
  14. It's much better, the redness has gone down, but the pores are still crazy clogged. i went back to the derm and they diagnosed the tiny bumps as keratosis Pilaris... Gave me a urea cream...... But I feel like it's not right. my poor cheeks! I am frustrated.