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  1. Have any of you tried the GNC brand aloe vera gel? It's only $2 a tube and is a lot lighter than most other aloe gels. It works great for me and really moisturizes my skin too.
  2. So has anyone else tried this out? It really works for me. I think the main thing that was messing up my skin was actually the BP and SA. I have VERY sensitive skin, and unfortunately most of the products that fight acne well use one or both of these substances. My method is a much more natural way to get clear. I get a pimple here and there sometimes, but other times I am clear. I feel like my skin is finally normal now. I can deal with a small pimple here and there on occasion, especially c
  3. An extra bonus of this combination (at least for me) is that my skin (which is usually pretty oily) is now a lot less oily. I don't really know how I stumbled upon this combination, but I'm glad I did. I don't have to use BP or SA anymore, which were both drying out my skin WAY too much. Anybody who tries this out, let me know. I will still try to answer any questions anyone may have.
  4. Yeah, I put it on in the morning and at night. The aloe at General Nutrition Center (GNC) in the mall is very light weight and does not feel like a mask at all. It is unlike all of the other aloe gels that I've tried, which DO feel like wearing a mask all day. After it dries in about 3-5 minutes (approximately), you can't even feel it on your face.
  5. Yeah, aloe is very tricky. I was lucky that someone recommended the GNC brand to me, because the other ones go on so thick and are kind of gross. Plus, they didn't seem to do much for me. The GNC brand is really great though. The best part is that the tubes are like $2 each and last me about 3-4 weeks, so it's a real bargain!
  6. Hi everyone, I haven't posted in a really long time. I took accutane a few years ago, but some of my acne came back. It was a lot less, and fortunately, my bacne went away completely. The pimples that I get on occasion can normally be popped very easily if left alone for a day or two. At most, at the current time, I get anywhere from 0 to maybe 3 pimples at a single time (I used to have a lot more than that). Before I start, a word of advice: If you have more than say 10 pimples at a time (o
  7. so where the heck are you? :(

  8. Hi Reid. I'm doing great. I'm working hard and staying busy. How are yoiu?

  9. happy new years thinkin! :)

  10. Thanks! How have you been?

  11. Happy late birthday stranger!

  12. Just be a professional freeloader. I was one for months...it was fun!!! :D lol

  13. I might get up at school...10 hours a week should be sufficient. :)