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  1. Actually, after using accutane I have had a very oily scalp too. Also, I get scalp acne after accutane.
  2. Big Problem!! Please Help Hi, so I used accutane for around 2 months around 2.5 years ago. After then, I haven't used any medications. I experienced hair loss and hair thinning ever since. Since it wasn't too noticeable and I had 100% coverage I disregarded it. However, I recently went on antibiotics, called Doryx, for a month. I have for some reason experienced dramatic hair thinning and hair loss. I never knew that antibiotics could cause hair loss, which is why I went on them for a month. W
  3. lamarr, I want to start on rogaine 2.5 years after stopping tane. I am afraid that it might cause an initial shed? Is there a chance that my shedding might increase at the beginning when i start rogaine? Also, can you give me instructions on preparing and buying the oil mix? thanks again. -alex
  4. Where do you buy the oils. Can you tell us how you mix it? Thanks. Lamaarr, also what do you mean it interferred with your other tane side effects?
  5. What oils are you guys using to treat your scalp(i.e. emu oil, grapeseed..) and where do you guys buy it?
  6. But isn't it true that as soon as you stop rogaine all your new hair sheds and you start from scratch all over?
  7. Is it possible that rogaine might make the hair loss worse? I just don't want to go on these supplements and then $%^ make my hair even worse!
  8. Hi, so I have been lurking on this forum for around 2.5 years. I have definitely experienced hair loss and hair thinnning that hasn't really recovered. I am finally starting to do something about this. Today I went to the derm and he basically gave me two options: propecia or rogain. What is your experience using these two medications. Which do you recommend? The only thing that worries me is the temple region. Will I be able to regrow hair where there is none already, or will it just strengt
  9. Hi, I took accutane over 2 years ago. Ever since that I have had hair thinning and mild scalp acne. How do I get rid of the scalp acne? It does not itch, luckily.
  10. for some reason i can't stand apple cider vinegar. It tastes so bitter. Exactly how do you take the apple cider supplement? Is the taste of apple cider very faint when you drink it?
  11. I am not sure as to what the exact proportions are...but i am going to go to whole foods today and get organic apple cider vinegar....i will then mix like a teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar with water.....I will determine the exact proportions shortly...but the directions are relatively easy to find online, since it is a very old household remedy for many aches and paines that you come across...however, make sure you get ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR...not just any other vinegar.....
  12. I am on my 9 month post accutane mark and still shedding. However, there is very fast regrowth. Still full coverage. For some reason I had a weird shedding phase. During the first 5 months post accutane i did not really shed that much, but there was some increased shedding nonetheless. Then on the 6th month I started shedding a lot, like 60 hairs per day. Now it has started to slow down. What do you guys think about that? Does that mean that the accutane is still taking time to get washed out of
  13. so if i have some slightly less pigmented hair what does that mean?
  14. dude, you can't do comparisons like that ande. Accutane is a powerful drug, but that doesn't make it justifiable to put more drugs in your system. I am a biochem major in college, and the more I study, the greater appreciation i have for the chemical balance that our bodies have. After taking accutane, your body fought off the chemical imbalance and did it's best to adjust back to homeostasis. By taking propecia and other medications you are just ruining that balance. I am against all medication