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    Unclear whether it helped with renewing skin. It's unclear whether my red marks healed more with or without this product. The cream helped non-inflamed, non-red acne on my forehead. My skin rejected this cream. I put it on and it formed disgusting white inflamed pimples. I have never had white pimples before so I am the white sh*t is from this cream. Definitely do not use on existing inflamed pimples, it will make them bigger and then they will fall off and mak
  2. microdermabrasion for me were really effective and cost $100aud. Very important though make sure you get it done by a professional (generally no beauty salons)
  3. I had severe cystic acne when I was 15 and went on accutane. Now 16 I'm acne free but my whole face is covered in redmarks but surprisingly no scars at all. Is this normal? The doctor said it might have been because I had IPL treatment just before I went on accutane. Thoughts?
  4. Ive done the lights. A slight improvement though I never stuck to it, oh and its the red light for healing marks and the blue ones for bacteria IIRC
  5. I stopped taking accutane 6 months ago, I heard thats how long you have to wait before you can do any treatments??
  6. Its been six months since I was on accutane now im left with severe red marks all over my face So im looking for some products to help fade these marks I was looking at mandelic acid? Anyone had any good experience using it for red marks. (I have pale white skin)
  7. She is going through a really emotional time right now, of course she is acting like a bitch. Appearance is important to everyone, but especially women. Don't be a dick, be supportive. Only say positive things to her. Don't make suggestions unless she initiates the idea. Don't complain about her attitude. Hug her, let her cry if she wants to, and do things to take her mind off the acne. My husband always play-wrestles with me when I'm grouchy, or if I'm really upset he brings me small gifts: foo
  8. Mine used to be as well, with huge cysts. And it turned out to be an allergic reaction, not hormone related at all. I'm allergic to citrus, a common allergen and something people commonly have so many days a week they might never notice a connection. I didn't until a coworker mentioned it. Gluten and dairy to other things you could be intolerant to and never realize it. Of course I also had hormone related oily skin, blackheads and other inflamed pimples elsewhere as well. Anyway, teenag
  9. Hi leesett, Thanks for the reply. No, I have been struggling with acne constantly for years. I regularly also get big spots on my nose, my neck and even my scalp. Occassionally my chest and back but not so much. My husband gets the same kinds of marks in the area where he shaves. He says ingrown hairs cause them, and sometimes the trapped hair forms a cyst. If it flares up when you shave, I suppose you could grow a beard? Or try a different razor? My husband says that it's worse wh
  10. Haha! I have noticed that here and elsewhere on beauty related boards. I suppose everyone wants to be supportive of anyone brave enough to post their face (or ass) on the internet, but that's a good thing. And frankly, some of the people who do post are very attractive, even with acne or whatever they suffer from. Some people overcompensate, they feel bad about their skin so they keep very good care of themselves in other respects: work out, dress nice, etc. There's more than one way to be attra
  11. I have a paraben allergy. I did not discover it until my twenties, but I don't think I had developed a serious allergy until then. Allergies usually start out as small irritations, but repeated exposure increases the reaction over time. I believe I developed this allergy because of repeated exposure to parabens on broken skin. I have read a lot about it, it is a very uncommon allergy, but more common in women because of makeup and moisturizer use (paraben is an emollient.) Normal allergy tests
  12. I just got my order from Dan, but a couple of bottles don't have shrink wrap on them. Did I get used or returned bottles by mistake? I'm not saying that someone did this on purpose. We all make mistakes. I'm just wondering if anyone else had the same experience?
  13. you really need to read this.. smelly oily sacs behind the ear, pores, anywhere around the fade
  14. Is it ok to use a very light exfoliator while on accutane? This is the product in question. http://www.cleanandclear.com/productDetail.do?productid=63 It's those microsized beads BTW.