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  1. I'm a female who has higher than average levels of androgens. I haven't gotten this checked out and confirmed, but I have extremely oily skin, am prone to cysts and in terms of my physique I am naturally lean (build muscle quickly and low body fat, around 12%), so I think it's pretty likely. I've been considering going on the pill to balance out my hormones which I think could help my skin, but I'm concerned about other effects this would have, mostly weight gain. I have little to no active acne
  2. Honestly yes. The funny thing is, I was an unplanned child and my mom would've gotten an abortion if not for my dad. On the other hand, my brother was planned, and he's turned out virtually perfect - great physical health, no trace of acne (when I was his age I had already been through my share of self esteem shattering cysts) and very smart.
  3. Battling something like cancer is seen as brave and courageous, whereas acne isn't seen as a "real problem" by those who have never had to suffer from it and feel depressed or suicidal because of it. No, acne is not life threatening, but neither is being overweight (excluding severe cases/obesity), but if there is body positivity why isn't there skin positivity? It's never fair.
  4. Because of scarring/hyperpigmentation and fear of it getting worse? I hate it when well-intentioned people tell me to just "wear sunscreen", as if it's that's simple. As if you don't have to reapply it throughout the day or worry about it coming off if you sweat or touch your face. Half of my daily anxiety is regarding whether or not my sunscreen is working, should I reapply now, did I put on enough. I use a physical + chemical combo (Elta MD UV Clear with 9% zinc oxide and 7.5% octinoxate), an
  5. I've been getting Laser Genesis, which is gentler than Vbeam but not as good at targeting redness. I've had 2 treatments so far and I'm probably going to fit 2 more in before the summer's over. It has helped, but rather subtly, you definitely don't notice a difference by the next day. In all honesty I should try Vbeam, but I'm scared as I found even the Laser Genesis a little terrifying and more painful than expected. Before my first treatment I had to sign a waiver that said 'I understand that
  6. this is such a good idea! thanks for posting. I'm in! Virtually any time of day works for me on that day and I'm Eastern time zone.
  7. Leave it alone, you've already had it for a month and it looks like it's soon going to come to a head and pop on its own. If you're really impatient try taking a hot shower and then swabbing over it with tea tree oil on a qtip to 'pop it' gently. Or go to either a derm or a family doctor and ask them to lance it for you, my family doctor has done that for me before. I had one of these on the tip of my nose a couple months ago, needled it WAY before it was ready (a head had just barely begun to f
  8. YES! I'm almost tired of seeing pro body image messages, not because I disagree with them but because it reminds me of the lack of acceptance for other 'flaws' like acne, bad teeth, balding, or physical deformities (which some acne can count as)