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  1. Ah. Im not black or anything. I have a slight natural tan and a yellow tinge since im half asian half hispanic. Well, if it does permanent damage I wont want it done. Perhaps if he does a test spot? Im not sure how much of a change in skin color it would cause though
  2. I was going to ask my derm about using laser to get rid of acne scars on my back, but he said that it is dangerous to use laser on dark skin :/ Uh, exactly how dangerous is this? Has anyone had laser done and has dark skin aswell? Im not too dark though, like a normal tan color. Its natural actually. My doc gave me finacea instead for it. Honostly, im desperate to get rid of these scars right now and im thinking about going back to the doc to tell him to give me the laser anyway. Good idea or ba
  3. My doctor prescribed me finacea for my bacne scars. According to the medicine, its for mild to moderate rosacea. If im not mistaken, I dont have rosacea. I have scars from bacne. They arent red. They are more brown than anything. Will it even work? He said he doesnt want to risk laser with my skin because I have naturally dark skin and its dangerous. But anyway, has anyone used rosacea, and if so, what did you use it for? Does it really help with the acne scars, particularly on the back?
  4. Hey chickadee, havnt tried the beach method, but im willing. I know its bad, but im not at the beach to look good, just to have fun. Also, yes I do think that what you eat can affect your acne. If you eat something with alot of bacteria, something not healthy and made yourself, it will probabyl cause you to break out, where as eating natural organic foods will probably help. But you would need to flush all the bacteria out of your body first. Yikes scar t., my doc told me that the tretinoin wil
  5. Are you showering -right- after you excersize? The sweat helps the pores get clogged, particularly if your wearing tight clothes. How much are you excerszing though? Maybe just break it down a little, and only excersize a few times a week. Maybe 3.
  6. Its coming to the USA in march. Cant wait, I want to try it!!!
  7. Wow I definately feel motivated, and even excited a bit since im going on this strict vegan diet aswell, plus, I just started the vitamin e supplements. Lets hope this works for me as much as it did for you!
  8. im also sorry that no one answered your question sooner. i would have tried to help if i saw it sooner but i dont come into this section very often. the boards on here are usually very helpful. anyways good luck
  9. Im actually using the cream on my back for the bacne. The pamphlet says to use it once every night before going to bed and thats what I did. I think it said that I could use it once every other day too, and im going to be doing that. My skin is actually peeling though, like I got a real bad sun burn. Or like I said, like someone blow torched my back. The doc gave me some solodyn but ive been scared to use it because of the side affects but I think tonight im going to start it :/
  10. Im actually worried if I should use it at all :/ Maybe tomorrow night ill put a tiny tiny amount. Are you sure it will look better? I mean, I dunno if its sopposed to look like this. Its just so bad right now :/
  11. The doc told me that the tretinoin cream was sopposed to make it worse within the first 2 weeks of using it. Im going into the third week now and it looks AWFUL. I can not believe how bad my skin (on my back) looks right now. It itches like CRAZY, its red, my scars turned bright red, and I have more acne. PLUS, my skin is dried sooo bad it looks like its diseased or something. It looks so incredibl bad right now I could cry. Im just...ugh. Its SOOOO depressing. Unfortunately, I never asked the d
  12. That makes sense. Im guessing that I would have to wait a while till the skin heals a bit more, and that what im gonna do before asking an artist. That is, if it ever gets better
  13. I have bacne, and im using tret cream which is doing pretty well for it right now. Ive got alot of scars that are taking their sweet time to go away tho. Anyhoo, ive always wanted a tattoo on my back, but I was wondering, is bad for the acne/scars? Would it make me break out? Get an infection? Or is it generally okay? Hopefully some one has experience with this...