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  1. At nights, the pimples that I have tend to flare up and then sort of subside over night. This happens every night to existing pimples until they go away. Anyone else notice this about their acne and why do you think this is?
  2. Question for the original poster: how old are you and are you m/f?
  3. i know there are more of you out there on Doxycycline - speak up!
  4. Have you considered that the people with acne don't go out so you don't see them? just a thought.
  5. That's a lot of antibiotics - what's the severity of your acne when you go off of it and how old are you by the way?
  6. How does she know it's from the doxy? Just curious.
  7. For those who are currently using and have used doxy in the past, would like to know: is the treatment for you still effective and how long did you take it before you encountered antibacterial resistance. The longest I've seen is 4 years from Platinum007... anyone else care to chime in?
  8. Hi sportscenter. :shifty2:

  9. first comment :) have a good weekend

  10. hun... you gotta quit punishing yourself like this... your skin is absolutely fine! now suck it up and go sow your oats!