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  1. You should consider driving. I am 16 and I just got my temps last week and I love it, I can stop relying on my parents and friends for transportation. There are many good driving schools around that have instructors that will help you and they wont get mad or laugh at you if you mess up. Once you get used to driving it is pretty easy. The more you do it the easier it gets. Don't let anything get in your way of driving, it is easier than it looks. I used to be scared to drive, but once I got
  2. Yes, but i only recommend Oxy strips, either Oxy Maximum or Oxy Blackheads I used a bunch of cheap kinds, and that made my face worse
  3. I have some mild-moderate acne on my chin. I don't think it is that big of a deal, but my dad thinks it bothers me. He is always buying me medicine for it, which is good, but he embarasses me in the progress. Read this story. Ok, me and my dad were in wal-mart buying some stuff for a weekend trip. He told me on the way there he was going to buy me some face stuff, I rolled my eyes and mumbled in French, which is what I always do. When we got to the medicine section MY DAD PRETTY MUCH YELLS, "W
  4. I have been using a neutrogena moisteurizer, Oxy pads, and I wash my face 3 times a day
  5. I have been trying a new regimen, I have used it for about a week and a half, and now my acne is getting worse. It isn't expanding, but it is getting redder and more zits. One person told me to stop now and go to a new regimen Another told me to continue, as a worse breakout means that all of the pore-blocking material is coming to the surface and will eventually leave should I quit or not? Which person is right
  6. I had a small cyst on my chin. About 2 days after I got it, I was putting medicine on it, and I noticed I had a blackhead on top of it {It was a regular cyst with a black tip} Is that what that was, because it looked like a small cyst with a blackhead on it. Or was it something else? I would show a pic, but the cyst is gone now.
  7. It sounds hormonal. Its is really red? I would recommend either start dans using dans products and or talk to your derm. Sometimes it is really light, but when it flares up it gets very red.
  8. I have had some VERY stubborn chin acne for 10 months now. I have used probably 20 different moisteurizers and medicine and it is still no better. It consists of blackheads, pustles, and the occasional small cyst. It has been a continuous cycle for the last 10 months. I will get my chin nearly clear for about 2 weeks, then I will get a whole new group of pustles. Then I clear it, then more pustles, it is a continuous cycle. The acne is only on my chin, it never spreads to my face {the rest of
  9. There is a fine line between temporary jokes and long-term bullying, and your dad has passed it. You should tell HIM off, find a flaw with him {age, health, fitness, etc.} I know it is mean, but to make fun of acne is the most below the belt hit known to me.
  10. Dude, just keep on going and get over it when you start trippin over ladies, you will feel even worse about your acne just play it cool, and if a girl likes you, move from there..
  11. Confidence man, that's all you need. If she kissed you, she has CLEARLY show that she don't care about your acne. Just act confident, and believe in yourself. Don't hesitate to do anything, don't act nervous or anything, just play it cool.
  12. You call them your friends? You should ditch them and/or find some new friends. If they purposly exclude you, they aren't friends.
  13. Oh god, I gotta tell this I had a small breakout on my chin about a year ago {it was very small and contained} They left some redmarks that were stubborn and wouldn't go away. I got so mad at the redmarks, I decided to scratch and pick them. My whole chin was a scab {literally, one big scab} And I had to go to school. People asked me if I had herpes, it was terrible. I had my head down in all my classes, I coulldn't talk to anyone confidently. Even teachers were staring at me. But I haven't
  14. I have tried many different salicylic acids and none of them worked, actually, one made them worse. I wouldn't do this usually, but I am flying to see some people this week, and I didn't want a nose full of clogged pores.
  15. I had a small whithead on my nose today, so I went to pop it, and I squeezed it a little bit. When I did, pus and pore gunk came out from all of my blackheads. I squeezed them out {it was a small sliver of hard white stuff} Now, about 60% of my blackheads are either gone or have nearly faded. I look way better thaqn I did before Here is what I did: I just grabbed both sides of my nose and squeezed. It will burn a little bit, and stuff will come out of pores all over your nose. {Gross but it w