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  1. motrebmu

    My Progress

    If I had initially started off with what I'm taking now, I'd probably be as clear as I am now (currently entirely clear) in 2 months I'm guessing. For me, it has taken me at least 4 months from when I started taking supplements in an organized way, to get clear. I was on and off at the beginning. I can't honestly even guess how long it would take anyone else, as you said
  2. motrebmu

    My Progress

    Update: I'm still pretty clear. I have had one breakout since then but I think that's still good for 3 months this is what I supplement: flax seed oil (2,000mg) cod liver oil b-50 complex multivitamin vitamin c (1,000mg) MSM (2,000mg) MSM this is only thing I've added. I take about ~2grams a day which is on the conservative side from what I've read online and on the bottle. My marks are clearing up and overall tone is evening as well. Also, I still slather my face in aloe vera gel after I
  3. motrebmu

    Dieting for Soccer....

    raw eggs>eww hard boiled eggs>good to an extent, don't be taking in 2-3 eggs 7 days a week
  4. motrebmu

    What time do you usually go to sleep?

    another poll could be how much sleep do you usually get: <5,5,6,7,8,9,10,10> I know when my sleeping habits are out of whack so is my skin
  5. motrebmu


    Short answer, no. Long answer, yes but in amounts that are insignificant. The vitamin shoppe brand is in tablet form which I think is useless. Get the powdered form from Lewis Labs. Best tasting and most nutritional that I've found.
  6. motrebmu


    does anyone know anything about the vitamin shoppe brand brewer's yeast? the nutrition facts only list niacin, b1, b2, and protein but it doesn't list anything at all about zinc, chromium, fiber, Selenium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, etc. does it still have the important stuff?? lol Thanks
  7. motrebmu

    Skin Survey

    15.5 male? how young is too young? thanks
  8. motrebmu


    from what I've heard or have come to understand, you're supposed to take a break from them after a while, like week or something to detox and then you can go back to them I have no idea really, I'm taking mine but making sure I don't go to overboard
  9. motrebmu

    My Progress

    slight update: I've added the "Dipping" routine, soaking my face in hot-ish water at night I'm also drinking water-diluted apple cider vinegar every morning+night I broke-out this week but I've had finals all week...stress, all nighters, etc. lol... Thanks
  10. motrebmu

    My Progress

    I spread everything out through the day and take everything in simple pill form (including the garlic) Vitamin C- 3x a day [1,000mg/1g] Cod Liver Oil- 3x a day [Vitamin A- 3750 IU (~75% DV) & Vitamin D- 396 IU (~99% DV)] Garlic- 1x mid-day & 1x at night Flax Seed Oil- 1x mid-day & 1x at night [1,000mg/1g] B-50 Complex- 1/2 morning & 1/2 at night (this pill is loaded with some vitamins in the 1000s of % so i never like to take it all at once) and I also am
  11. motrebmu

    My Progress

    I just want to let everyone know the "natural" approach is the best, I am pretty much completely clear from the following supplements: water cod liver oil flax see oil b-50 complex garlic vitamin c I'm also taking an antibiotic which I'll be stopping soon, it never helped me until i added a couple more natural supplements and now I've been clear for over a week I'm also using a plain Dove moisturizing white soap bar and benzaclin. And I've recently incorporated banana boat brand aloe vera ge
  12. motrebmu

    List of Diet Tips

    Can you explain why no popcorn and bananas? I have bananas ever day :wacko: I thought they were good for acne.... thanks! (I know i shouldn't ask questions in here but i just thought this would be ok...)