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  1. Thanks, Tamara. I had to re-read that several times ... especially the part where they FED hydroquinone to the test animals.
  2. I read somewhere that hydroquinone caused tumors in rats. However, as a HUMAN, I feel there is no way I should be compared to a rodent since I look nothing like Templeton from Charlotte's Web. That being said, I was an avid user of Black Opal's Essential Fade Complex and sung its praises here on the board. It's small (half ounce), relatively inexpensive (around 8 bucks), and worked for the most part. It did what I expected a 2% OTC product to do. However, I have discovered Obagi Clear which i
  3. Well considering the website does not even offer a secured site in which to submit your credit card information, I would doubt the validity of their claims on their products.
  4. Retinol is a weaker cousin of Retin-A, also known as tretinoin. The combination of BP and tretinoin could lead to severe skin irritation, http://yalenewhavenhealth.org/Library/Heal...=multumd01246a1 . While I don't use both BP and Black Opal's Essential Fade Complex together, it is possible you still can since the retinol in the Fade Complex is not considered an "active" ingredient as stated on the label. And since it's near the end of the ingredient list, I'm pretty sure the amount of actual r
  5. When I use this treatment, I only apply the Compound W once a week. I also use a Q-tip since the dropper included didn't give me the precise application I wanted/needed. After an hour, I peeled the white crust off and wiped my skin clean with a wet washcloth. This process is still working for me wonderfully with no adverse effects. Unfortunately, we are all not made the same and, therefore, cannot expect the same results.
  6. Based on the ingredients listed, I would have to say it would not help with red marks significantly. Lactic acid is listed towards the end of the ingredient list, so I can only assume that the percentage is minute. The alcohol will dry out your skin and the tea tree oil and beta hydroxy will help keeping your pores clean, but to what extent, I can't say. It may be a good toner to rid extra oil, but for red marks, I don't see it as an effective treatment. Just my 2¢.
  7. My all-time favorite, the Essential Fade Complex, should be used as a spot treatment only. Also, you must use it consistently. Yes, we're all looking for a quick fix, but "I used it for a week and nothing" is not going to cut it. For those of you who cannot find it in brick-n-mortar stores, it is sold at Walgreens online. http://www.walgreens.com/store/product.jht...d=sku391218&V=G
  8. Since the cleanser has a small percentage of TCA, for me to get the full benefit, I apply it to my face dry, wait a few minutes (long enough to brush my teeth), then rinse as usual. This method is recommended for cleansers containing glycolic acid (MD Forte, Aqua Glycolic, etc.), so I thought I'd use it the same way.
  9. And some of us with darker complexions do not suffer from red marks, but brown and even black marks.