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  1. okay. but why is it being used by males with enlarged prostate? and what i know, it just suppresses the conversion of testosterone to its actie form in the skin which is DHT
  2. Why it is not recommended fro male acne?
  3. Try treating it in the inside by taking supplements or minerals such as vit a and zinc. They helped me with my acne.
  4. i hope that it will get better soon. i cannot recommend accutane because i didnt try it for myself. but i tried zinc, b5, vitamin A and D3.
  5. is it true? that saw palmetto converts testosterone to estrogen? how come it can be used by males who have enlarged prostate?
  6. No I haven't but I did come across some stuff about zinc before...I do take a multivitamin every day which contains zinc but probably not a high enough dose-thanks for the advice I will look into it a bit more update me once you have decided
  7. have you tried taking vit b5 or zinc?
  8. i couldn't agree more with this. what a sad life we have. really disappointing.
  9. hello. would you recommend saw palmetto for me to treat acne? im male. 26 years old. i saw some of your posts. so i thought to give you a message :) thanks in advance!

  10. hello. did you take saw palmetto before? if yes, what was the effect? I just saw you thread recently, so i thought to give you a message. im a new member here. i dont know how to reach you but through this. thanks in advance!

  11. Hello sir. Can i have some of your references about your statement abot SP that it doesnt change hormone levels? Thanks in advance.
  12. I hope someone would answer this. I also have the same problem.