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  1. It's so frustrating when you can't find what you're looking for the on the internet! Can anyone reccomend a good sun lotion/cream that is non-comogenic? :smile: I would be VERY grateful!
  2. Hello. Could someone please help me out? I have just bought some 30% glycolic acid and just did a spot test on my wrist to see if I reacted. I am wondering if I can use BP straight on my face after I have washed the gly' acid off? Is this ok? If not, why? Thats all thanks MiCoL
  3. There's no reason why whey protein would make any one break out. Protein is vital for repairing the body. It probably helps keep skin looking better. (Though i'm not a biochemist)
  4. In the UK? I didn't think any excess were in it? Are you sure? Thanks
  5. For me it makes no difference. I must drink any where between 2-3 litres of milk, eat 200g-600g of yoghurt and atleast 250g of cottage cheese a day!! And some days I look phenominal, and on other days Terrible! Lucky me?
  6. Creatine didn't cause me to break out, neither did milk, meat or any other stuff apart from my hormones. From a bodybuilding perspective maybe having raging hormones is a blessing in disguise?? The only downside is acne and gyno!
  7. Bump. Would have bumped a few days ago but I've been far from a computer. Any one have any ideas if any of these ingredients are pour blockers?
  8. Hiya. For about 1-2 weeks now I have stopped using cleansing products, moisturisers, bp and this anti scar cream. Spots that have been on my cheeks for 3-4 weeks have cleared and any new ones that would usually last weeks shrink in days! Its really great but I still have red marks and a few pitted scars. My question is would any of the ingredients in this Mother of Pearl anti-scar cream block my pores? Here are the ingredients: Aqua Cetyl Alcohol Cetearyl Alcohol and Ceteareath-3(and) Sodiu
  9. You know when you get those red spots on your cheek that just wont go away unless you try to kill them? I have 4% bp (brevokzyl) and today I am applying it to these two annoying red spots that have been with me for 2 weeks. I was just curious as to whether anyone has had any success in getting rid of individual bad ass red spots by continually throughout the day putting on more and more BP? If YES, how many times a day did you apply your bp to your individual spots and how long did it take them
  10. BREAKFAST: Oatmeal, Wholemeal/wholegrain bread, Lo-fat milk, Eggs, Cheese. LUNCH: Sandwiches made with wholemeal/wholegrain bread with any type of meat (e.g Turkey, Chicken, Lean Beef, Ham). Cottage cheese sandwiches, Tuna sandwiches. If you have access to a decent cafeteria buy meals with plenty of meat and vegetables. SNACK IDEAS: Nuts. Almonds are good. Any kind are good as long as they aren't salted. Lo-fat yoghurt. DINNER. Meals with lots of meat, moderate carbs such as brown rice,
  11. ok thanks a lot. i'll go and read some stuff!!
  12. They are just on my computer. not sure how to attach to a reply. do i need to upload them to the net???