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  1. yes, zinc will make u feel dizzy and light headed when taken in large doses (50-60mg.) But if u take it with food, u won't feel a thing.
  2. your marks look similar to mine, i've never been on accutane though. im doing chemical peels to diminish them
  3. i don't think sweating will clog pores, if anything, it will clean them. just make sure u take a shower...
  4. the AHA in healthy skin is probably not strong enough for you to notice anything with spot treatment. in fact i hardly noticed anything applying it to my entire face for a couple months. get the Alpha Hydrox Souffle 12% Glycolic acid, and spot treat with that. you'll have much better results with that.
  5. i've done over 8 lactic acid peels 40% from puredeming hasn't done anything for me.
  6. would applying a moisturizer solve the dry/tight problem?
  7. I have a question about this Latte Peel. If it is your first time using it, how often are you suppose to apply? Do you apply once, and wait for your face to peel? Or do you just apply it everyday?
  8. how bad is the peeling? i am a full time student... is it possible to wash off the skin in the shower and apply moisturizer to hide the peeling?
  9. 8 ounces of water + 1-2 tbs of honey + 1-2 tbs of ACV this is the conventional portions still tastes bad
  10. the best way would be to get laser surgery. i've been using the Alpha Hydrox 12% Souffle nightly, and doing a lactic acid peel weekly, and i am getting amazing results.
  11. green cream made me purge so bad i had to stop using it.
  12. Hi, i am also using the 40% lactic acid peel from purdeming. i've completed 4 peels and the results still aren't that noticeable. i too experience redness and dryness after the peel, but that usually goes away after 1 day of moisturizing. i suggest not using any products 1 day before the peel as well as 1 day after the pell (except for moisturizer.) as for the breakouts, it could be purging although i haven't experienced anything. i suggest to follow with your regimen during the week to contro
  13. hydrocortisone or Hydroquinone? hydrocortisone is what they put in itch creams, isn't it? and Hydroquinone is what the use in skin lighteners.