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  1. Is anyone else taking this drug for hormonal acne? I have been taking 25mg for 2 months then upped to 50mg for a month and now 100mg for the past two weeks. I started the BCP, Zovia, a week ago because my period started as soon as I went on 100mg. My skin hasn't cleared up yet, but after all the research I've done, it may take up to 2 months to work. So, if you are taking this drug, how many mg's are you taking and how is your period? (I STILL have mine even while on the Zovia). And how is it wo
  2. Thanks, I'm gonna cancel the appointment.....a BIG step for me. I'll keep you posted.
  3. I am on 25 mg of spironolactone and have an appointment tomorrow for a blood draw to check my levels, to clear me for a higher dose. I talked to and read on another forum site some over-the-top responses. These women I chatted with were in 50mg twice a day and their acne is GONE. You MUST see a doc for this script because it is a potassium sparing duiretic and is normally for people with heart conditions (it lowers BP). So you must be monitered on it because if you a have a pre-existing conditio
  4. Are you female? Do you wear makeup throughout the day? If you do, what is it?
  5. Hi Brandy and thank you for your response. I've been seeing a dermatologist for 3 years and I tried v bean, antibiotics, retin-a, azelaic acid, ClindaMax lotion, Duac......everything. Years ago I was on Accutane but my insurance ran out so I was only on it for a month and a half. My acne is cystic only on my chin but like I said, my forehead and cheek got attacked last week. I am currently getting chemical peels every 3 weeks. I've had 3 mild to agressive superficial peels with ok results. I gue
  6. I have a combo of big hard zits that sometimes stay on my face for months and little tiny white ones that lay dormant ready to turn into a big ugly monster. Does the Regimine help those? And, what's with those big hard zits that lurk forever and don't always come to a head? It's only on my chin for 20 years now and for some reason, I got one on my cheek and my forehead. I'm so paranoid that it means my face will be overrun with acne. NOTHING helps my acne and I get very very depressed. I actuall