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  1. find other things to do, start exercising, you can get tapes if your a chick like tae bo, or carmen electras www.aerobicstriptease.com or start lifting weights if your a guy, www.bodyforlife.com Then find good books to read, maybe some self help stuff
  2. sure, but with accutane, you need to get blood tests every so often, also you can only eat certain foods while on it. If you dont do those things you could put your life in jeopardy. But if you plan on doing it anyways just save yourself time, and jump off a building. they have to give you a blood test even before they can perscribe it. I hope this changes your mind
  3. They are not both creams, on the spot is a lotion, the other is a cream. I will smile when my acne is almost gone.
  4. 2.5 caused more irritation, but only due to the fact that it is a lotion. 10% gels work for me like magic, i only wish they had 5% persa-gel in the US from johnson and johnson again.
  5. if its around your mouth only, perhaps it could be something else like herpes.
  6. I have not gone through one tube yet. it takes me about 4 weeks to go though a one ounce tube of Persa-gel 10, and on the rare chances when they are out of that and i use oxy 5%bp for sensitive skin It takes me 3 weeks to go through a bottle. I apply a thin coat over my entire face, and use about 1/2 of what Dan reccomends even for begginers. I have cleared up my face using this method before dan even had his pretty pictures up. But i quit and took creatine, then my acne got worse then ever (i h
  7. First off, try getting a face wash that specifically is dermatologist approved, and says that it is meant for DRY skin. This will make a HUGE differnce. Second is to get a gel based version of BP and not a lotion. Do a search, alot of people who had bad flaking with On the spot switched to a 10% bp gel based product and all flaking was eliminated.
  8. Instead of using the On the spot which is lotion based, try a gel or cream based BP formula. Gel's work on my skin fine, so i have to use persa gel. If I don't my face cracks like the dessert clay, and flakes more then a bad case of dandruff. I hope this helps
  9. In the past, using this BP regimine has evened out my skintone big time. Scaring usually does not refer to the purple, pink, red, or other Deep discolored dots under the skin after acne has left. Stick with the regimine, and in 6-8 weeks if you take before and after pics you will see a huge difference in those blotchy color spots. At least I did. Also check out the photo gallery, other people had the same types of results with BP, A big plus in my book. Using a good moisterizer/with spf of at l
  10. are you putting your hands around your mouth? think about this, and i am sure you will catch yourself doing this during the day.
  11. Perhaps you might want to try the one that I use, it is from DHC skincare Dual Defense SPF 25 http://www.dhccare.com/Product.aspx?id=Dua...ense%20SPF%2025 there is a direct link. acne sucks.
  12. 10-12 8oz glasses of water is about what you need.
  13. I had the same problem, except it was painful, and my skin was tight and over dried. I switched to a gel, and all was well. Try persa-gel, or clearasil. Also dont use nearly as much as he suggests in thos videos, use about the size of a pea for each 1/2 of your face. Good luck
  14. I have pretty much only had success with Dans regimine with modifications, bp lotions in general dry my face up horribly, while Gels and creams dont bother me so much. I have been off the regimine for over 3 years, but in the past year my acne has been worse then EVER. Sometimes I go to places, and catch my reflection and wonder what i am doing outside of the house. I tried the B5 thing, and it worked for me, but it took a while, and i had to do the extremely high dossage. It got alot worse be