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  1. broke me out

    I've been using this toner off and on for a couple months, it's not for me. First of all, it irritates the hell out of my skin, and I think that it's caused me to break out even more, i have a bunch of tiny red pimples all over my forehead (which does not usually happen to me), and it smells. My family cannot stand the smell. they say it smells like dirty, sweaty feet. it's never reduced the size of any pimples at all.
  2. acnestory

    multi uses

    multi uses

    it's probably one of the most under-rated beauty products around. It does just about everything, from moisturising lips to healing cracked skin, and even works as an intensive treatment for flaky skin on the face! It's never broken me out or clogged my pores, and works wonderfully over new scabs cuz it makes them heal and peel off faster. Also soothing and calming when my skin is irritated. Never dared to try using it on my face earlier cos I always thought the people who could do it were those
  3. acnestory



    Why did it take me so long to discover this little miracle? This helps my blemishes heal DAYS faster and with so much less scarring!! A new must have for me