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  1. Alright so here is the supplements i am currently talking for my acne. Vitamen B-5 Zinc Vitamen A Flax Oil How much of each should i take? (as in mg) Are there any side effects in these that i should be aware of? I got them at the organic store so i assumed they cant be too harmful
  2. What does this mean exactly?
  3. Ive been on this for like 4 months and every week when i take my progress pictures my skin looks better so it is obviously doing something. But anyway, what would epsom salt do to help this? I am wondering because i wanna try something else knew?
  4. I do not believe this is a myth. I have treid this out like not jacking it for a week and i get literally like 1,2 pimples. I recently got sick and stayed home for like 8 days and was jacking it 2 times a day and i was getting pimples everywhere. Now i am just doing it once a week and my skin looks great. Of course when girls want to jack you off you really have no choice but to accept it
  5. What should i look for when buying sunscreen to help prevent clogged pores. Not specific sunscreens just like what it should say on the bottle to ensure me that it wont clog pores?
  6. So how do you use it. Spot treatment or on your whole face?
  7. What is the big deal with this? I always keep hearing about it on this board but i dont have a clue on what it is about. I know it stands for apple cider vinegar but thats it. Do you drink it? do you use it as a spot treatment? do you use it on fading redmarks? can someone clue me in on this please.
  8. Is tea tree oil really a good spot treatment?? And can you but that at regular stores or only on the internet
  9. I understand where your coming from^^, but I have been through this long enough that there is no "quick fix". I just only want to use it on 1 side of my face for a couple weeks to see what kind of reactions i have. Another question though. No where on my aloe vera bottle (98%. Its like Jacks or Johns or something not sure) does it say-wont clog pores or non-cosmedic
  10. Great. I am going to try it on one side of my face then i will tell you in the morning how i feel about it
  11. well my skin is never dry. I wash my face 2 times a day and it is not dry. I think i am going to try it tonight and see what i wake up with.