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  1. Week 15 and 16 Sorry that I wasn't able to update last week. I had computer troubles all week, along with my camera being left out in the rain so I've been waiting to see if that worked still. Well I'm officially at 4 months of my accutane treatment, but I have about 5 pills left. My face is looking awesome, with no zits at all and fading redmarks still. However, the redmarks continue to fade a lot more everyday and the more sun I get, the more they blend in with the color of my skin. Accutane h
  2. 7 months! Wow, dude. What dosage are you on? The plus with being on it for so long is definitely that it'll be suppressed for a while, so you might be acne-free for the rest of your life, especially if it's a higher dosage too. Good luck!' I'd recommend acoustic too. I started with electric, and it just takes too long to get everything set up. There's so many settings on an amp, and getting those all correct everytime you play is a waste. You can pick up an acoustic guitar anytime and just go f
  3. Hey aknebegawn! Ah, the beginnings of Accutane are always the hardest to deal with, but I assure you that in the end, it'll all be worth it. I'm in week 13 myself, and I definitely remember that initial breakout that makes you wonder "Is this stuff even working?!" But unfortunately, it might take a couple of days, weeks, even months before you start to realize the results. Just remember to stick to your regimen and everything will work out in the end. As for your questions: 1. Yes, I would say
  4. Thanks very much for the support, man. I just checked out your log and WOW. Accutane has been working very well for you too! I hope the results continue. I bet in no time, you'll have clear skin! How many months will you be on Accutane until it's done? This is my last. Good luck to you, The-NoTanSuperman. I wash my face with Cetaphil, the gentlest kind I could find. It works, doesn't dry at all, just removes all the oil and crap. The hot showers dry out my face the worst though, so I tend not
  5. Week 13 It's been a great week. My face is clearing at such a rapid rate, and my hyperpigmentation marks are fading so well. My active zit count is 2, and they're hardly noticeable. One on my forehead, and one on my lip (what an odd place to have a zit!) Other than that, my face is dry and smooth. I'm noticing some photosensitivity, on my arms especially, but other than that, nothing is too bad at all. My lips are still dry, but the Burts Bees always solves the problem. My skin is also always dr
  6. Week 12 - Three Months! Week 12 has been great. I went to my dermatologist and everything's good. He's saying it will be the last time I see him, unless I have some weird reaction to the final month of Accutane. He actually said I could stop now and everything would still work out, but he wants me to go one more month to make sure I'll have clear skin even longer. This week, my face is still smooth, just some red marks. They continue to fade more and more every day. I can count 2, small, unnotic
  7. Okay guys, I know I just posted my update, and normally I wouldn't post till next week, but I HAVE TO POST THIS. So with all the pictures I take, I put them in a "Face Log" folder on my computer. I had been keeping that folder LONG before I started taking Accutane, so I wanted to compare how I looked, before I even considered taking Accutane, to now. I was simply amazed. It stunned me how horrible my face used to look and how phenomenally the Accutane has worked. Here are a couple pictures. I've
  8. Thanks Deadbeat007! I've got one more month, so I hope everything turns out for the best. =) And Zoetrope, thank you, I think? Haha I've never been told I look like Daniel Craig, but that's awesome. =) A lot of people say I'm going to look exactly like Justin Long when I'm older too. Week 11 Woooo! Another week down, and the results continue to show themselves. Through this week, I've experienced a little breakout (about 6 pimples around my lips/on my chin), but they've gone away very quickly.
  9. Haha, yeah, I try to stay pretty normal looking. It's the same thing at my school, everyone just loves that scene/emo look. Lame stuff.
  10. Week 10 This week has just been phenomenal. I've REALLY noticed a huge change, and I continue to love it. I honestly don't know if it's finally the time where everything is beginning to go right with the treatment, or if I'm eating healthier, or the weather warming up is affecting my progress, but WOW. I have 4 active pimples at the time of writing this, and all are small and unnoticeable. The rest of my face is COMPLETELY smooth to the touch. I do have red marks (which makes it not look smooth)
  11. Hey rg1223, I'm not really bummed that much. Actually, I've seen huge improvements, so yeah I'm really glad for the Accutane and I know that my results will get even better. All I need is for the red marks to fade, and I'll basically be clear. My skin is smooth, but just hyperpigmentated. Week 9 Week 9 has been great. I've had a few trouble zits spring up, mostly around my chin, but they're all beginning to go away. I'm also noticing my face is slightly greasier than it has been, but I think t
  12. Week 8 So I guess there a couple of changes this week. Went to my dermatologist and he said I'm progressing greatly, for only 2 months. However, I went for my blood tests the next day, and I had an unfortunate happening. Seems as though the 60mg dosage of the Accutane was too high (I'm only about 110 pounds), so my liver enzymes were abnormally raised. I called the dermatologist and he said it's normal that they'd be raised after the higher dosage, since I'm so small, so it's nothing to worry ab
  13. Glad to hear everything's going well! Do you have new photos to track your progress? I need to start getting in the habit of taking them weekly. You'll appreciate your journey much more if you track it with weekly photos, I've heard. I have the same issue with peeling. Any pimples or old red marks definitely peel way more than other areas on my face, but I guess it's just the Accutane phasing out the old dead stuff to make room for new, clear skin. Good luck on your blood tests! I got mine tod