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  1. I think the cause of my own personal acne has been overexfoliation all along... my derm has prescribed me Finacea (15% azelaic acid). I started using it 2 x a week and it was looking good! Next time I saw him, he told me that since my skin was tolerating it to try it every night! At first I thought it was just purging, but break outs increased... haven't used it since Wednesday and haven't had new breakouts... Coincidence, or can overexfoliation really CAUSE acne?
  2. If a chemical peel were to make someone purge, when would the purging subside??
  3. Id find the hard to believe that clay would cause breakouts other than what's already there
  4. How many of you have experience skin purging from a resurfacing agent? (I'm using Finacea which is azelaic acid). Were the breakouts different than your usual? How long did it go on for?
  5. I was on nuvaring for 7 years and didn't have issues until now!
  6. I've read so many mixed reviews on coconut oil some ppl love it, some hate it. My foundation was recently reformulated to contain coconut acid. I'm wondering what experiences others have had. I'm assuming the concentration of coconut isn't suuuuper high, but idk. Hmph help?
  7. Eek. I had a horrible canker sore yesterday so I took a valtrex and lysine. I woke up this am with a pimple and my skin has been pretty clear lately. Wondering if either the lysine or valtrex could cause acne?!
  8. no worries! Retinols completely botched my face... i used a combination of retinol and bpo... NEVER AGAIN!!
  9. Thanks! i haven't yet, but I've thought about fraxel or skin pen or picosure. I read some reviews online though and people are claiming that it made them break out idk if it's coincidence or not