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  1. They are not the same size. EM size is WAY better than BM. It's a flatter, WIDER jar. I just got my order last week and I love it lots. The brush is so much easier to use with it.
  2. i haven't seen much more than roots of my natural hair in over 10 years, but i'd say it was somewhere between dark rust and strawberry blonde (but not with any red in it). it's sort of a light golden brown, with gold natural highlights. currently, i'm pretty close to dark henna. i've been dying it various shades of red for those 10 years, and i love it. everyone thinks i'm a natural redhead, until i tell them i dye it, and it really works on me. i love my color, i just want to add highlight
  3. so, i'm a bare minerals user currently, but i've got samples from aubrey nicole, ocean mist, and everyday minerals on the way. the price on all of them is SO much better than BM, but i'm wondering, how big are the jars? AN says .3 lb, OM says 30 grams, and EM says 30 grams. Does anyone know how the size of AN full size jars compares to the OM or EM full size jar? or how any of these compare to the BM full size jar? thanks so much!
  4. i wore studio fix for a while but it just always felt too heavy and i could not get an even texture without so much application that all my little flakes were so obvious. but, it didn't break me out.
  5. personally, i LOVE bare minerals. at first, the bismuth (at least, i think it's the bismuth) caused some stinging, but it went away, and now i don't have any problems with stinging. my skin has never looked better, and i like the fact that there is not too much coverage. it's enough to make my skin look so much better, but not enough to be a mask. i finally found a foundation that works for me! that said, i just ordered some samples from ocean mist and aubrey nicole, after learning abou