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  1. I never wear makeup to visit the derm. I know they can take off your makeup with those wipes but they are horrid and just upset my skin even more! I go bare faced and proud - I've had acne long enough not to let other peoples stupid stares upset me! It's cool because the receptionist always calls me mademoiselle and not madame at least its obvious I don't need botox or restylane! since I've been on the Accutane - with the exception of a few red marks from dying spots - my skin is luminous!
  2. Hi Fellow Accutaners! Even on a very low dose course of Accutane my lips are so dry - sore and peeling. I need to apply balm every 20 mins or so, but I get really tempted to pull at the lose peely bits of skin. My lips have sore bright red patches and look bitten. Does anyone know if peeling lips when they are like this and over a long period of time leads to permanent damage? I am on Accutane for 1 year and I don't want to ruin my lips with picking! Any feedback welcome! thanks.
  3. Don't panic - I had a rectal fissure toward the end of my second month and I was only taking 20mg a day. It was scary and I felt like I had been kicked really hard up the bum for about 3 days and then it healed. It sounds like its a regular - but most unpleasant side effect of - Accutane treatment. Hopefully, you won't have it for long. Make sure you soften your poos with a lactulose syrup to help ease the journey down. Best of luck and don't panic. Symptons occur at different times for d
  4. I like creme de la mer lip balm - I know its expensive - but I definitely prefer it to the stick formulations which drag on application on superdry lips and make them worse. I also use Vaseline lip therapy but you need to apply it pretty regularly.
  5. I felt that I should warn you guys about what has happened to my teeth. I took tetracyclines - minocin, minocycline, lymecycline and doxycline - for long periods of time since my late teen to my early thirties. In the past year or so I have begun to notice that my 4 top upper front teeth and 4 lower teeth were becoming transparent or changing in colour to grey. At first I thought it was simply dirt but no my teeth were clean and when I last visited a new dentist was informed that I have tetra
  6. Hi there - My derm said I could wax and I did and it was fine! However, I am only taking 20 mg of Accutane per day - I must add that my skin felt slightly more tender afterwards than usual but there was no damage done. I imagine this is only possible because I am taking the low dose course.
  7. I am not sure where in the world you are based but the some of the best sunscreens come from France. I recently went on a 10 day trip to Johannesburg where it is very sunny and there's a high UV index. My skin was happy in the sun with La Roche-Posay Anthelios sunsceens - the factor 40 waterproof gel and the factor 50 formulations - typically I breakout with regular sunscreens even though they are effective at blocking out the sun's rays. However, this stuff works like a dream - however, I mu
  8. Hi - I have used Isotrexin before but didn't really like it - I found it made my already sensitive skin even more sensitive - so I went back to using Retin-A gel in combination with oral antibiotics. Well, now I am receiving treatment in France and am on Accutane for 1 whole year at 20 mgs per day. I am on around week 3 - it's okay so far. Anyway, my derm advised me to continue to use the topicals Dalacin T and Differin cream on alternate nights all over my face - until I don't need them anym
  9. Check your iron levels. Serious anemia prior to taking accutane can cause permanent hair loss even after taking Accutane - this is very rare so I don't want to alarm you too much. My dermatologist mentionned this to me prior to starting Accutane. Since then I have made sure to eat an iron rich diet! Plenty of green leafy veg every day, raisins, the occasional steak or an egg plus some tomato juice or OJ to wash it down with as the vitamin C enables your body to absorb the iron.
  10. I am only on day 12 but initially my face looked really good - less oily than normal and the spots I had just before I started the meds appeared to be doing an excellent vanishing act. Well they flattened out and went red but this was definitely an improvement on what they would normally do like go all bumpy! However, since the earliest days when I stupidly imagined that this would be the last of my spots. I have had about 5 new ones appear and my skin is more oily again on my face not body t
  11. Hi there! I cannot quite believe this but I have just started taking 20mg of Accutane a day for a year to give my mild but persistant acne the heave-ho. I travel a lot and like to look good in a bikini so normally I would have regular bikini waxes. I know that waxing and micro-dermabrasion is completely off-limits while taking Accutane and for 6 months after. However, on asking my derm she says it's okay!?? I think I am going to have to ask her again before I go to my appointment as I wan