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  1. when i'm drunk, i dance to britney. but when i'm drunk, i dance to polka music too.. bah. she isn't up there with tori amos or bjork...not at allll....
  2. I don't take compliments easily either. I mean the only people who really tell me that are my family (parents especially) but I don't believe them. I believe the insults I get from people but I don't believe the compliments. I wish everyone could just be honest.
  3. thank you. your very sweet. but i've learned to only take pix if my skin is clear. this only happens about once a year. but again, thank you! i'm blushing! its been soo long since i've been told i'm pretty. :)

  4. You look pretty to me. :) Your acne won't make a difference.

  5. i really understand what you mean. i never realized that after high school, meeting new people is damn near impossible. where do you go? a resteraunt? just..talk to someone trying to eat?? lol a bar? oh theres a good one!!! some drunk dork who rammbles on and never remembers you the next day when you call to say hello again. work?...have...have you met my co-workers...? no way. i've been pathetic enough to crush on internet friends...this must stop. but its just too easy to feel so comfortable
  6. with boys: i like 'em to be in touch with their femme side. he can cry while watching a movie like say..the pianist and not care that i'm thinking about how adorable he is. but he'd kick his friends ass if they hit on me. he keeps well kept but is laid back enough to wear the same jeans for two days. if he crosses his legs when sitting, i'm oddly in lust. large range in musical taste. if a guy can go from slipknot/pantera to tori amos/bjork, hes stolen my heart. with girls: i like 'em inbetween
  7. i'd LOVE someone to check me out.... or at least smile at me! i smiled to a driver next to me at the stop light this afternoon. a cutie of a guy, too. he just looked at me straight faced and turned away. sheesh. i was in a car! i wasn't going to scream for his number! just a simple little smile.. geez.. though guys just liked any ol' attention from women. lol
  8. i'm saving these now to print out for my next trip to the store. the oils i can get at whole foods, okies. but are the others hard to find? any certain brand names to look out for?
  9. oh geez........i've been on ortho tri cyclen for almost two years........think this may be the case? funny..i started it because it was supposed to help acne. guess it IS hormonal?? why the crap do i do now?? lol grrrrrrrrr
  10. i picked 2. i feel that way with acne. the extreamly rare times i've had clear skin, i literally stare in the mirror at the beautiful girl looking back....
  11. Welcome to the Org. :)