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  1. I'm a runner too, but during my fraxel course, found myself more concerned over the side effect of sweating heavily while my skin was so fragile. Especially during that firt week when your skin is kind of leathery...it's almost like your skin wouldn't be able to breathe well if you're putting on the sunscreen and then perspiring. I don't know, that was just me. You won't be in "pain". I was just over paranoid, maybe. I'm a cyclist and am mainly concerned with sun exposure. I think sweat
  2. Yeah, that R-1 was no joke.. i'm redder and peeling much more than before. I'm really surprised you haven't gotten any improvement.. i'm guessing your skin is smooth everywhere else and just have a handful of scars you are targeting? maybe you should try saline injections or even silicone. None of my raises scars (i only have 2 small ones) have seen any improvement from fraxel either.. just a general softening of the scars overall.
  3. I just got back from my 3rd Fraxel with Stephanie at Dr. Duffy's office. It's funny but i was looking at some of my before pics and i did notice significant improvement since after the first fraxel 1 treatment. Stephanie went really aggressive this time and went to a level she called R-1. Does anyone have any info on this?? I'm curious to know how this compares to the 40mj level 12 i was doing before... I was in such pain it skipped my mind to ask.. She also gave me some TNS recovery c
  4. I did 6 courses of smoothbeam with no results to my acne scars. There is a monster thread on it in this forum if you care to dive in. It did seem to calm my active acne at the time though, but nothing for the scars. Haven't done the Cooltouch but I've heard some horror stories with this laser and how it burns away facial fat and leaves depressions in some rare cases. For scars, you're better off with Fraxel.
  5. I have my first fraxel this friday. I will ask them what they think. You really shouldn't be using any type of retinol cream during fraxel. I'm surprised your Dr. didn't advise you of this. Avoid any benzoil peroxide and alpha hydroxy acids as well. of course my doctor told me not to use retinoids, but we're talking 12 days post-fraxel, which is well outside the bad range. I think you mistook my response as being directed at you... it wasn't. Either way, I was using a reti
  6. I have my first fraxel this friday. I will ask them what they think. You really shouldn't be using any type of retinol cream during fraxel. I'm surprised your Dr. didn't advise you of this. Avoid any benzoil peroxide and alpha hydroxy acids as well.
  7. I tried it as well but found it really pulled on my skin very hard.. and it was tough to get to certain areas around my nose.. but for the price its hard to go wrong.. i had to stop after 1 use because i started breaking out and now because i'm doing fraxel. I'll probably start again well after i'm done with fraxel. btw, do u use any creams or lubricant when u use it or just do it dry as the manual states?
  8. Also, if the HQ isn't working for you, you might consult your doctor ASAP for some alternative. Some people react badly to HQ (me being one of them) so there are other options out there. Good luck.
  9. Just got back from my second fraxel. This time I had the Fraxel 2 with Dr. Duffy's nurse Stephanie. She was really great and even called me the day after to see how I was doing. I highly recommend them if you are in the LA area. The settings used were 40mj @ level 12. I think the Fraxel 2 is a lot less painful than the Fraxel 1 from what I can remember. I didn't flake and peel as much this time around either. However, I am extremely red everywhere except a small pale patch around the eyes
  10. The only thing worse than having acne is having acne scars. Another forum dedicated to acne scars sounds like an idea to me. The more discussion there is and the more information available to us the better.
  11. doggydogg, trident and I think TheyCanBeCured (TheyCanBeCured, wasn't so sure if or not you were being sarcastic... if you weren't then thanks to you too) cheers for going out of your way to help lads/lasses. max kim, I was looking for a brief summary saying as that thread has roughly about 175pages and I don't have the time to read it. I've have also searched Google, but I wanted to know the summarised experiences and their understanding of the fraxel process of those that have used fraxel or
  12. Interesting.. I bet in LA alone we could get enough people to pay for the machine. Just need some place to keep it and someone to work it.
  13. I wouldn't worry just yet. 3 weeks isn't very long.. Its been about 5 weeks and I'm still hyperpigmented.. and this is from a fraxel. Nevertheless, your Dr. should have explained to you that you will likely have pigment issues for 6 months or more.. If you weren't aware of this, then you should take that up with him or her. It always helps to do your own research before going to a Dr. when considering a major procedure such as you did. For the most part, I believe doctors are honest and
  14. Interestingly, I just got back from a consultation with Dr. David Duffy for my fraxel. He and the registered nurse there both recommended I get a SilkPeel before the fraxel to prep my skin. The SilkPeel is very similar to microdermabrasion only its supposed to be more gentle. I was a little puzzled about that myself. Anyway, so I am having my SilkPeel 1 week before my fraxel to help with the hyperpigmentation. They were both very concerned with the level of hyperpigmentation I had from t
  15. Ask about the acne scar treatment. :shrug:
  16. Peels can be beneficial for complexion issues such as red marks and overall skin tone. You just have to get the right peel for your condition and skin type. I have heard good things about the Obagi peels as well as some Glycolics. However, I would be very careful with any at home peels that are professional strength or higher... In general I would recommend at home peels in low strength for maintenance rather than trying to acheive anything dramatic improvementwise. As for the Doctors
  17. You might try taking an antihistamine such as benadryl. Continue taking the ibuprofen also since that reduces inflamation until the swelling has subsided. Between those and the ice packs the post fraxel moon face should subside in 3-4 days. As far as the redness goes... thats another story. you actually want swelling as long as its not really bad like blistering. part of healing process. Yes, you do want swelling in the sense that it is indicative of thermal damage and concomitan
  18. I would strongly advise against self TCA Cross, but if you must, please please be careful and read over everything twice and know exactly how it should be administered.. At the very least, do a test spot first and wait to see how it turns out. This and excision are the 2 biggest regrets I have in my scar revision experience, and both were only test spots.
  19. Due to scheduling conflicts, I wasn't able to get my second fraxel at the end of Jan. as planned. So its been over 1 month since my first fraxel and the redness and demarcation lines are as bad as ever!! On top of all that, the hydroquinone is starting to make me break out.. everywhere.. this sucks!! How do you guys cope with this!? I can only imagine how bad it would be if I had done CO2 or Dermabrasion.. My skin type is right between a III and IV so I figured fraxel should be perfect
  20. I would really advise against TCA Cross unless you have it done by a pro.. Its cheap, but I have heard horror stories from people who did TCA cross on themselves.. your scars don't look deep at all so maybe fraxel would be your safest bet. Good luck
  21. I am fairly certain noone in LA does LIS.. at least noone you would want to get it done by.. You need to go to Dallas or New York to find someone reputable. After fraxel, I might just make a trip out to Dallas as well.