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  1. A few years ago my acne restricted my life soo much and it basically destroyed those years. Then i used roaccutane and lets just say ive never looked back since! ok, i still have a few scars, but i'm only a few months of tane. basically this post is to all the people who are wondering whether to or not to go for it, because i said to myself that if i ever did rid myself of this awful inflicment, i would not forget about it, and i would come back to ACne.org and try and help people that are in th
  2. Okay ive finished my 20 week reatemtn of accutane on sunday! WOO It has worked to the extent that im happier, i hvae hardly any 'live' acne, and am left with alot of red marks and scarring, which looks invisble in some light, but very noticeable in others. Will post treatment help this much, becuase i was looking forward to amazing skin not just managable, sounds a bit ungrateful, but ive been in that awful possition people encounter with acne. I also wanted to ask how i should start taking alco
  3. thanks much, well since starting this thread, i've got my I.B, but i feel as though my marks are going down, but the IB lets you konw that accutane is gonna work, eventually....... apparently
  4. im 1 week in, and recently my eyes have become very sensitive, and they occasionally 'water'. anyone else experiance this??
  5. thnx, also is the initial breakout helped if on a lower dosage?
  6. Roche, im starting 2 get dry lips, and 2day at football i was very tired and my muscles hurt, but hey, im better in goal anway.LOL Thanks for the comment
  7. WOW, you get 70 degree winters!? we're lucky to get 70 degree summers!
  8. Any people out there who have taken or are taking 25mg, or around that? i was wondering, if the side effects and Initial breakouts arent as bad as if a larger dose was being taken? Not that i want a larger dose, but most of the blogs on here , are from people who have taken 60mg or more. so i'd like to know what my journey may be like? thanks much
  9. Ok, firstly thanku 4 anyone who reads this, and suggests some answers. Ok, i started accutane 2 days ago, im on day 3. Im 72kg and im on a dose of 25 m/g a day, my acne used to be really bad around xmas, but then it got a whole lot better, whilst taking erythomycin tablets, benzyol peroxide, and adapalene, i was left with lots of red marks and i always had an active few, then 2 months or so ago, it came back, not nearly as bad, but pretty horrible, until now i have a few active ones and my fore
  10. I will be starting accutane today, and in the forthcoming months there will be some parties, so i was wondering whether i should be drinking in excess? Oh and also i know that my acne will flair up when i start but how much, and how long will it take before its back to normal? Im taking 25 mg a day. Thankyou for any replies
  11. I know my acne is sevre but how? Ive been on a new diet and duac (benzyol Peroxide) and erythomycin tablets an improvement can slightly be seen. If u visit my album and tell me what you think ,that would be a big help thnx.