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  1. Thank you so much! I really hope my experiences help other people...a lot of people are very depressed because of acne and accutane, I want to share my positive experience to help.
  2. 2 Years Later Oh man, I can't believe it has been 2 years since the first day I took Accutane! My face remains clear 98% of the time since I got off the course. I am very happy with the result, it still feels unreal sometimes to have clear skin and not have to worry about pimples anymore. Since I said my face is 98% of the time clear, so I still have tiny bit of pimple problems here and there. I believe post-tane skincare routine is also very important to keep your face clear. I have been usi
  3. Don't worry about the red marks! Mine didn't fade when I was on accutane, but they started to fade one months after I finished the course, so don't pick your face if you can help it !I had this bad habit to pick on my face, so my red marks stayed with me the entire time when I was on the course (I guess I learned my lesson the hard way)
  4. You will have good result too! I did have red marks! They were with me the whole course, started to fade one month after I finished the course. It has been one and half year ago, so my red marks are completely gone long time ago...So don't worry! Those red marks do seem to never fade when u are on accutane, but they WILL fade after u finish the course!
  5. One and Half Year Later Hello friends, I can't believe it has been 2 years since the first day I took accutane!!! One of the side effect seems to stay with me is the dry lips.. I don't really mind that much though.. My face has stayed clear most of the time. (still some tiny whitehead or blackhead here and there). So please don't give up or get discourage by other people's negative experience in this forum.. Everyone is different, being depressed and worried are definitely not going to help yo
  6. I do suggest to use some moisturizer when your skin is dry. Your skin will try to produce oil to balance out the moisture level, so your skin could be very dehydrated but also oily/shiny at the same time. Also a lot of dry skin patches layered on top of the skin could clog the pores as well, that would also create more pimples. I would suggest use some simple hydrating moisturizer and use AHA for the dry skin patches. I'm currently using the acne.org moisturizer and AHA, they both work wonder t
  7. Thank you so much for your compliment! I am happy to see that you are a "formal makeup-addict and now foundation free!!!" That's amazing!
  8. You're welcome! I hope this post give confidence to some people who worry about if acne would come back after tane. Most of the people get lazy on updating the log after their skin become clear. When your skin is clear, you have more confidence and wanna do more things out there.. I hope the accutane works for you, and you can come to this forum less and less!
  9. Half Year After Accutane Hello everyone, it has been 7 months after I finished my course. I know a lot of people want to know if accutane result still lasts after the course ends, and here are my experiences. I can not believe I started Accutane almost a year ago, time flies! I am glad that I got on this course. Yes, the oil comes back on my face, when I wake up in the morning, there are oil around my t-zone and u-zone. My face is not 100% clear, but 98.5% of the time I am completely clear, s
  10. I think my acne was similar to yours before I got on accutane. My acne problem wasn't bad, just super persistent, last forever and drive me crazy. I can never have a day without pimple. Well, now my face is completely clear, super soft, I am happy. It is hard to say if you'll have IB or not, because everybody react to accutane differently. I didn't have a IB, I suspect yours should be ok too.. even so, they will be gone by the third or fourth months anyway...I believe with your condition, you'll
  11. Yes, I did notice my night vision got diminished a little bit, the street signs become kinda blurry...but never severe enough not able to drive. The problem stopped once I finished my course.
  12. I finished my course on mid-January. The red marks do take a while to fade...It took forever to fade when I was on it..like it won't go away. But after 1 or 2 months, I can start to see the red marks are slowly disappear..still there, but less obvious now...So, hang in there..
  13. It does help big time, I think on the second month or so, I started to see my pores became HUGE, the blackheads are pushing out, later my pores got smaller and cleaner, not completely gone...but good enough...
  14. I got the same epilator, it works really well, but also super painful..............i am scared to use it..
  15. They always only test my triglycerides/cholesterol level...