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  1. Just wondering whether anyone can recommend a good Endocrinologist - one with a bit of compassion and understanding, who doesn't just focus on your test results and reference ranges, but on your symptoms and how you are feeling. I live in Brisbane, Australia.
  2. Thanks so much for all your info Lorrie - very helpful! I am female, and haven't had any babies (yet). My thyroiditis was first diagnosed in November 2005, so I would have expected that almost 1 and a half years later it should have resolved. However, I continue to have as many symptoms as ever (if not more than when I was diagnosed with the thyroiditis). I did have my thyroid antibodies tested at one stage and they were normal. Are there any other tests that I can have done? I have SO MANY o
  3. I just got back from my appointment with the Endocrinologist, and have been told that my thyroiditis has resolved and that my thyroid results are completely normal! I know it sounds strange to say, but I am completely disappointed, as this means I have no valid explanation for all my symptoms. I actually broke down at the begining of the appointment as she appeared so cold and unhelpful. I had made notes about my history and she got mad at me for not giving them to her receptionist on my arriv
  4. Hi Lorrie, Thank you so much for your reply. I haven't actually been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, just thyroiditis. I was diagnosed with this as my TSH went down to 0.02, but my T3 and T4 were relatively normal. I had quite a few of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism (and yes my weight did go down but not dramatically), and still continue to have them despite being advised that they and the thyroiditis would resolve on their own. I was never given any treatment as Doctor's seem to be more preo
  5. Just wanting to know if anyone has experience with hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) and acne. I have had thyroiditis which was supposed to resolve itself but hasn't, and have been battling with several symptoms of hyperthyroidism for a long time now (hair loss, lethargy, insomnia etc). I am 32 and at my age don't expect to still have acne. I have extremely oily skin (causal in my acne) which through research is thought to be linked with hyperthyroidism. Can anyone offer any advice or simil
  6. Just wanting to hear people's experiences of stopping taking Vilantae. I took the maximum dosage a day for 2 months, with no change to my skin, so stopped taking it. Subsequently, my skin has broken out worse than ever. I have been getting several new pimples a day for weeks now (mostly tiny little ones which surface immediately with a small pinprick size head of pus). It is driving me crazy and it fells as if it will never stop! Has anyone experienced a similar thing, and have any ideas why
  7. I have been taking Vilantae for 7 days now (5 capsules twice a day for first 5 days increasing to 5 capsules four times a day). So far I have not seen any real difference/change in my skin. It is just as oily (if not a little moreso) than prior to taking Vilantae. However, I am aware that these things take time. I have a stubborn patch of whiteheads in the corner below my bottom lip, which do not surface unless squeezed. Since starting Vilantae I have noticed that quite a few have surfaced, ar