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  1. yeah, his style doesnt suit him tho, which is my point here . can you post a pic of someone with style. sure.
  2. ok i hope i helped you dude, i'll stfu now. May check in later on if any questions but i think my tips are good for you or anyone here.. so long mates... Off to studying engineering.
  3. :naughty: <---Loves his Polo's. it may look good for you, not in necromanc's case tho. Makes him look like an old kid or whatever, it just doesnt work.
  4. oh and if you find your hair to be ugly and straight, curling gels exist that make ur hair wavy. But u dont want to make it look like you used gel, which is a major issue in your case. What you gotta do is wash hair, apply randomly gel in your still wet hair (in shower), dry off with towel as u didnt use gel and place the hair (now wavy) in an alright position. (p.s. grow a little hair for this)
  5. dog2O why do you have such a negative attitude? clearly your confidence level is low. well yeah umm if he got a low score with no acne then imagine what i would get! necromancer just needs to modify his style. Yet, he feels confortable in his current style but it is not appealing very much. The '' cocky '' style is very overrated. It can work for those with very above average looks and body but I think this is the problem here. Not saying you're ugly Necromancer, just need to bring i
  6. jimmy!! you ever watch hells kitchen? on the first season they had a big boy named jimmy. haha that fatty got yelled at a lot :P

  7. dog2O why do you have such a negative attitude? clearly your confidence level is low.
  8. ouch. save ur cash plz. 85$ is a lot. but if you cant get ur help here, maybe you really need it. good luck =)
  9. well if your posting the silly photo aka your avatar, dont expect much mate.
  10. i think im a 2.5, like the majority of the ppl out there.
  11. Sorry, he brought it up I just find it cocky a little from his part. My case is done. Im confused. How am I cocky? Because I said asians are rated lower(I'm asian anyways)? BTW you keep stating that I said they're less attractive, when in fact I have never mentioned it. O, and of course your case is done, cuz you've got no case.
  12. The moderator said we should stop talking so thats that. I dont want to argue on a race aimed subject.