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  1. I took it for 6 months, unfortunately it didnt help with my hormonal acne at all.
  2. Im so sorry your skin is giving you trouble, but it looks much better now! The area I used corticosteriod cream is still a mess, the MAX laser work Ive had done works on a week to week basis, but I missed a week and I've gone back to a bad mess. I am now convinced I've got ringworm on my face, but Ill leave that up to the derm to decide on Monday. Best of luck to you, I really regret the day I ever picked up that tube...
  3. Seriously, my chin is still a complete mess from them.... going to the derm finally on monday, Ive been looking blah for the last 2 months because of my abuse of them.....
  4. Hey, I've had acne for years and tried everything..... last week and this week, I had a max laser session, my skin was really inflammed, red, I had some nasty little zits and a few deeper ones brewing...I'd also had a bad reaction to cortisone cream.... I go to this place for IPL and I was flicking thru their products and services and read about the max laser, I've had two sessions and my skin has done a complete turn around! Immediately after my treatment my skin had changed from being inflam
  5. I dont know.... all I now know is, it is way better to see a Doctor and get something prescribed then to use something that was prescribed for others.... good luck!
  6. I DID THE SAME THING!!!! But I used it maybe 4 times a day for a month.... my chin is so bad, red, inflammed, dry, peeling off, constant new little pustules coming up... I've got no idea what to do Nothing is working, I've just been smoothering Emu Oil on it... I was given oral antibiotics for a week, but it's just a disaster!!! It's a mess, the soreness was so bad and it was so itchy, now it just looks like I've attacked my chin with a cheese grater! Let me know if you come across anythi
  7. 1. 150mg Spiro p/day 2. Yasmin 3. 50kgs 4. Occasional use of antibiotics.
  8. Take it easy on the cream is my advice... I burnt my face with hydrocortisone cream almost 2 weeks ago, my skin had a nasty reaction due to my over use and now my chin is flaky and burnt.... just a tiny smear twice a day! Seriously, take it from me!
  9. Ummm obviously things are much tougher in the USA then Australia... if my NUM watched me take antibiotics and put them into my bag, she'd proberbly double check I was getting the correct antibiotics to treat what ever condition I was taking them for, or suggest I go to a doctor for better assistance with the condition. It's not a 100% accepted by all, but we do it. If I nurse prescribed medication for a patient other then the ones we are allowed to, I'd be in trouble, but only if I killed some
  10. Microdermabrasion.... I have red marks on my chin and this 'treatment' did not a thing for me, had ummm 10 sessions a few years ago.... washing your face with a flannel has the same 'effect'...if you could call it that!
  11. Hey, Had number 1 IPL today and afterwards I had max lasering.... I'd never heard it before but thought I'd give it a shot... because of the 4 week break inbetween IPL I thought having a session of max each week would be a good idea and I'd like to hear some other peoples experiences. Also, I'd be interested to see what you guys pay $150 for IPL chin area only and $30 for 10 minutes of Max Thanks!
  12. I'm just surrounded by temptation.... plus if I'm having a really blah time with my skin and I'm in the medication room, and I think ummm cortisone shot into that cyst.... bit of antibiotics.... still I've learnt my lesson.... actually got my spiro prescribed the other day, so hopefully my self prescribing days are over! Woohoo!
  13. I don't know where else to post this, but I'm a spiro and Yasmin user.... I stopped using Spiro for a while and I broke out, and went into a panic and started using topical cortizone cream... well the injections for me good, so I thought what the hell.... I'd used it all over my chin for a few weeks, four times a day, of course it did no good.... so I just stopped using it. Apparently, Ive now learnt you have to slowly ease of it... because if you don't you break out into an inflammation where
  14. Well I upped to 150mgs and Ill stay on that till things are clear for at least 3 months then slowly cut down to 100mgs and then stay on spiro and not muck around with it again.... I'm just telling my constant mind chatter about acne to shut up, Im just sick of thinking and dealing with it and letting it hold me back! Thanks loads!
  15. I've had IPL before, but I didnt complete the course, I think I only did 2 or 3 treatments... Im back to it on saturday and I would love to space it 2weeks apart so i can see a faster improvment.... do any of you see a problem with this? Im really sneaky and thought if the IPL person wont do that for me, Ill go to another clinic on alternative weeks and get my one treatment every two weeks that way... what do you guys think? Thanks!