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  1. Im looking for people who want to test something with me. No washing for a month. we will rinse our face three times daily. Morning and night and sometime in the day which is up to us. We will eat the same food we always eat. WE will still moistourize though. Who wants to try with me?
  2. Ivory aloe soap thats green. Ive been using it the last couple weeks and im completely clear. It dries your skin alittle so you might need moisturizor. WOrks great
  3. it doesnt seem as bright today as it did yesterday
  4. its alittle bright but the colors are better than the older version. Maybe use another color to make it less bright becuz my eyes are squiting as i type
  5. haha i know that always happens like right after i buy something its brought up. SO far after 2 days it rubs in well but will update after i see results
  6. use pure jojoba oil. Very good i hear for dry, chapped and flaky skin.
  7. http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...983&tab=1#1 this stuff i just bought and it goes on pretty well. I will keep updated on my scars and acne
  8. yah the dry lips were the worst for me too. I had dry skin on my face but that could be ''made better'' by cetaphil. It does make me happy when you know it will help for sure. I went clear both times on it for atleast 3 months after.
  9. it is about money. Its amazing all the products that have ingredients such as algae, or stearic acid that are comedogenic. Its obvious that they know they are fooling us
  10. i would pay that much or more also.
  11. http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...983&tab=1#1 acne and scar with green tea. Has anyone used this im interested and it looks good
  12. it works, dont be scared, it will make you clear , you will have to go through a dry face, lips and if you feel like something is going wrong with you, stop and you will be fine atleast you tried. If you have acne, try accutane if you are doubting yourself. I used it , i was alittle depressed around my 4th 5th month due to the accutane but i became clear.i dont like when ppl are contemplating using it but they are b---ching about what to do.