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  1. recently i've been getting some pimples on my cheek and sometimes ill get a big one. i recently got one that came to a head and the swelling went down except theres still a red mark from it and its basically been there for 2 weeks. does anyone know anything that i can put on it that wil make the redness disapear because its been sooo loong and im using 2.5 bp on it so idk if that helps or not
  2. no mines on the inside the skin and much smaller than that and its actually on the earlobe
  3. alright im not sure if its a cyst or a papule but im getting these little hard bumps on my earlobes and sometimes they even hurt. its not one either its some times 2 or 3 and sometimes they pop but most of the time they just go away after a while. im wondering if this is normal and what should i do to make it go away?
  4. what if you just do it once a day instead of like several times?
  5. Im about to start taking doxycycline for my cystic acne and i wana know if you get a initial breakout like other treatments. I heard doxycycline is supposed to bring out the toxins from your skin and i wouldnt want to start if i get a major break because i dont have that many cysts.
  6. did you breakout right after you started taking it?
  7. well i found out that the name is Doxycycline. Im wondering if anybody here has taken that before and if so would it cause me to get breakouts and theenn stop it.
  8. im not sure the name because i cant read his handwriting but once i get it at the pharmacy ill post the name
  9. i know i couldnt believe it either so instead he prescribed me this thing that im supposed to take once a day and its supposed to get rid of all the stuff in my skin. the only problem is that i dont want to take it because im afraid its going to make it worse
  10. i went to the docters today to see if they could inject me with cortizone on my cyst and he said theres no such thing. "its like putting a dynamite in an ant hole" is what he said. I also called 4 dermatologist offices and they also never heard of it so idk what to do.
  11. okay im trying to get rid of this pimle on my cheek that has been there for the past week and doesnt seem to be getting much better even though im icing it and putting salicic acid on it. So today i crushed up some anit biotics and put it on my skin. should i have done this or was it a bad mistake??
  12. yeah i think i have that i started using it about 2 days ago and its gotten alittle better
  13. okay so i got this thing im not sure if its a cyst or what but i got the first signs of it about 5 days ago then on wednesday it turned into this red lump on my face. it doesnt really hurt so im not sure if its a cyst. on wednesday night i put visene (eye medication) and the redness really went down a lot. so that night i put toothpast on it and that seemed like it made it worse and now its still there and it seems like it hasnt gotted any better
  14. Hey before i started using the Dan Kern regiman with the neutrogena on-the-spot i was wondering if i should actually use it. I've only considered it because i got these pimples on my face that take a while to come off. Will this new regimen stop that, and if so how long will it take. Ive also never really had acne all over my face i actually barely have it i only have blackheads on my nose and these stubborn pimples