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Siddhartha N

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Entertain yourself. Get inside my mind...Read my blogs.
I post every day with myfitnesspal screenshots & progress photos and if I'm not makin' progress...I post rants.
I'm a female, let me rage about my skin & health issues, you know?
We are not all blessed with flawless skin, and we are not all blessed with an iron stomach. 

My name is Natalie. I love animals, like really...I have 6 that live with me. Born in California, raised in England, now I'm back in California. I work 3 jobs. I'm 23, and I'm an Aries.

Celiac disease. Hyperthyroidism. Insulin resistance. Pescatarian diet since late June 2016.

Inflammatory immune system = skin issues.
I'm trying to get my auto immune diseases/disorders under control. Naturally. No commercial products of any kind. I don't eat anything out of a box. And by the way, nothing is convenient when your making everything from scratch. 

"In a perfect universe, somebody would be you."