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  1. Girl. Your eyebrows. I'm in love. I used to have eyebrows like yours when I was younger...And girrrrl you are making me jealous! Keep doin' what your doin'. xoxo
  2. This is a reminder to myself: starting tomorrow I will be taking one of each herbal supplement (chasteberry, neem, liver kidney) instead of rotating them throughout the week I will take them everyday. My shit needs to get back aligned. I'm seriously depressed right now from my SKIN! Like how pathetic but seriously not having confidence is really got me fucked up in the head. I haven't gone out in months and months and months. If I don't have to go somewhere, I don't. I cannot wait for the confidence to come back when my skin stops purging daily and I'm not thinking about my skin 24 fucking 7.

  3. You lucky S.O.B! I have celiac disease so no bread, pasta, aka ANYTHING delish for me!
  4. I was so scared to try oils on my face. But for redness/scarring/hyper pigmentation, for my Caucasian skin Hemp Seed oil [which I keep in the fridge because it would go rancid in the Cali weather] Tamanu Oil & Argan Oil have been amazing to me. xoxo Looking good girl!
  5. I have auto immune disorders that are contributing to my acne. Feel free to check out my blogs. I use all natural products. Seriously. Toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo/conditioner, I use apple cider vinegar, honey, oils, ect. There is usually an underlying gut issue contributing to purging acne skin. My skin has gotten better in the past couple of months. I smoke weed so I'm thinking about making edibles with coconut oil because smoking is really bad for (anyone in general) but especially those wi
  6. I'm so glad it is working for you! xo Is that the drug you are told to stay out of the sun while taking it? I'm a summer baby...I could never stay out of the sun.
  7. I had to lurk your blogs to see your "original photos" GIRL. I. LOVE. YOUR. EYEBROWS. And like I said, you're gorgeous so I'm not just saying you have pretty eyebrows and the rest is "ok". It gets so hard sometimes to respect yourself because you feel (well I know I do) less worthy because our largest organ, our skin, is purging itself constantly and is breaking out. For me, I have issues with auto immune disorders that have created hormone imbalances over the past 10 years. I'm only 23 but
  8. What has been helping you?! Diet or topical? My forehead has been less irritated and clearing up since I started drinking herbal tea more often. Mainly dandelion root tea, milk thistle tea, calendula tea and spearmint tea. Your gorgeous! xo
  9. I have multiple auto immune disorders contributing to my acne. Please feel free to check out my daily blogs. You are not alone! Xoxooxo
  10. I took the day off work today. It will be a low carb low calorie day. Have not done one of these in a long time. Carb cycling you know? As soon as I get out of bed I will be spending a few hours in the sun!!! And then meal prepping some stuff for the next few days. It's almost 10:30am. I was so tired.

  11. Keep your head up girl! My body doesn't agree with the chemicals/medications that you are using. I probably would be willing to use prescription pills and topical creams... if I had never used them before. Good thoughts & positivity coming your way babygirl! xoxo
  12. Wow. It really makes me depressed looking at photos of myself.
    Does anyone else ever feel like that?
    Just like. Beat down, no self esteem, "worthless" feeling.
    Because my skin, my largest organ, is constantly purging itself of toxins.
    I have an unhealthy immune system.

    I have been trying so hard for the past six months.
    But I guess when you have diseases that you don't know about, and you continue doing harmful things to your body [that are OK for other "normal people"] it just takes a long time to get back to our new "normal".

    Don't worry about me, I'm keeping my head up.

    P.S: I love love love this quote by E.E Cummings:
    We do not believe in ourselves until someone reveals that deep inside us something is valuable, worth listening to, worthy of our trust, sacred to our touch. Once we believe in ourselves we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight or any experience that reveals the human spirit.

    1. snarkygirl


      Hey there...I haven't taken any pics of my face for a while cause I don't wanna see it! My hairdresser took one of my hairstyle but I said not my face. I went on a weekend trip and I felt shitty cause I was broken out and I only let my boyfriend take a pic of my necklace. I'm getting better but only cause I'm on meds...I hate the feeling of being dependant on pills or creams or antibiotics. Hell I can barely function without my allergy med but it causes really shitty side effects. 

      It seems so random and unfair that some of us are simply born healthy and some have lots of issues.  I totally feel you about feeling abnormal around healthy people. A lot of my family thought I exaggerate or am a hypochondriac but I can't have fun and drink vwine ( migraines) or eat cheese ( itchy spots) or go on outdoor events ( horrible allergies).
      I like e e Cummings host whist poem. Hang in there.

  13. I've come to the realization that I can't go out to eat with family members. It's easier to avoid situations like that. But one good thing is there are tons of health conscious people that don't necessarily have these diseases (yet ;P) but don't eat gluten for various health concerns. There is so much research that proves gluten is NOT GOOD for human consumption, or animals for that matter. Positivity coming you way!!!
  14. I have celiac disease. You can read about all the negatives regarding celiac disease Here. I really miss being normal and not having to cook every meal and make everything from scratch. But every time I eat out at a restaurant my skin erupts from the cross contamination so it's not worth it. I still make amazing food even with my limited diet but it's so time consuming and I do not have freedom to just wake up and eat whatever I feel like. It takes planning and dedication. I also have PCOS.
  15. Go to the doctor. When it is that close to your eye socket and ultimately your brain, you have to be careful. Trust me, I had an abscess "above" my eye, my right eye, like in the nasal cavity bridge eyebrow kind of region 6 years ago and my eye has never looked the same. So assuming it is a cyst they will most likely give you a cortisone shot to drain it. If it is an abscess they will probably do the same thing and either way you will be on a round of antibiotics. keep me posted girl!