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  1. what do you guys think about Aveeno Clear Complexion Cleanser? I just started using that..I am just wondering if its any good.. I really like Neutrogena's Extra Gentle Cleanser but I want something that is good for scars.. and is Regenerist Serum sticky like moisturizers? when I hear serum it reminds me of those stuff u put in ur hair.. which r very sticky..
  2. Im tired of acne scars.. has anyone ever tried mederma? does it work? please help
  3. Have anyone tried Mederma for acne scars?
  4. Have anyone tried this medication before? when did u saw results? I have been taking it for almost a week now.. and using benzaclin at night.. my forehead got better but my chin is the same..
  5. the online price is $130.. but I am only paying $40.. I decided to purchase the full jar. I like it because at 1st I thought it would be sticky after you apply it on ur face but it wasnt.. it dries up quickly.. and it doesnt dry up my face like the 5% benzol peroxide Neutrogena did... thanx for ur feedbacks
  6. I just saw a dermatologist .. she gave me a prescription for anti-biotics and a sample jar of BenzaClin to apply on my face. I would like to know if anyone tried this product because I am thinking if I should get the full jar. I checked online & it cost aout 130 dollars. the doctor said I just need to pay $40 because I have insurance.
  7. Which one do u guys think is better? I started w/ Purpose Gentle Cleanser last week and I like it but I would like to try Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser.. my friend told me its like cetaphil.. she dont like it cuzz it doesnt lather as good as Purpose Gentle cleanser.
  8. I have tried tons of masks and moisturizers but dont really know which ones r good because I dont really see improvements.. Does anyone know any good masks and moisturizers that are beneficial for acne skin? Please help.. Thank You!!
  9. I was gonna go w/ anything the dermatologist would recommened but after the feedbacks u guys gave me.. I dont think I would try accutane.. but I do agree w/ u katlvr.. I felt the same way.. I was willing to try anything that I heard would work on my acne.. but back then I couldnt afford accutane because it always sounds like an expensive product.. but now I have medical insurance so seeing a dermatologist would not be so costly for me.. which I am really happy about.. / sometimes I feel my skin
  10. I will be seeing a dermatologist for the 1st time next week.. I cant wait.. I had acne for like sbout 8 years and Im really tire of it.. Im tire of using makeup to hide myself.. can anyone tell me what kind of things does a dermatologist ask you. does anyone have any recommendations on products I should ask the doctor to prescribe to me.. the main thing I am concern about are scars and redness.. those never seem to fade away.. oh yah does anyone have a moisturizer they recommend.. ?? Please help