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  1. I just finished taking Accutane about 2 weeks ago. My question is, how long after taking it can you get skin treatments or tattoos done?
  2. I have been on a 20mg daily dose for the last 6 months. My skin cleared up after the first 3 weeks and I've maybe had 5 pimples since then. I asked my derm how much longer I would have to take it and he told me that alot of derms are now perscrbing lower doses for longer periods of time 8-12 months so that their patients do not experience such sever side effects that some do at much higher doses.
  3. I think it does. it could be drying out your eyes more! contacts don't let your eyes 'breathe' in the same way as if your eyeballs are bare (!) therefore needs a different formula of eye drops. at least i think so, it could just be a marketing ploy - but i once used regular eyedrops when i had lenses in and it aggravated my eyes somewhat. Also the trick is not to use them too often otherwise your eyes can become too dependant (this comes from experience from years of suffering from pollen al
  4. Pseudotumor cerebri is extremely rare. The poster didn't mention headaches. Double vision or diplopia is a much more common symptom of increased intracranial pressure than 'blurred vision.' The poster mentioned 'ill-fitting' contacts and having had several opthalmic visits. No doubt if the opthalmologist had thought pseudotumor cerebri were a possibility, the poster would have been referred for screening for same.
  5. Has anyone had any issues with their contact lenses while on Accutane? I don't mean dry eyes cause that's pretty much a given. I mean like where your contacts don't even seem to fit right anymore. I have been having the hardest time with my left eye since being on Accutane. I have gone to three eye doctors and at least 6 different brands of contact lenses before finding a pair that will fit my right AND left eye. And I'm still having a little trouble with it being blurry in my left eye,
  6. Headaches. Nothing some Excedrin can't handle though.
  7. There is this stuff I use called Ayr Nasal Gel. It works WONDERS for dry nose. You can find it at any drugstore in the same aisle as the nasal sprays.
  8. I use this stuff called Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick. Aquaphor felt like it was just sitting on top of my lips instead of mousturizing them. Plus it was only like 2 bucks.
  9. Sorry to inform you, but it wasn't the Tane which had made your skin clear. You really think that if Accutane worked in 14 days doctors would prescribe it for 5 months?! I'm 31 years old and have been on just about everything. My skin has NEVER looked as awesome as it does now and yes, I was on Accutane for 14 days.
  10. I could have asked to be on a lower dosage but I think my derm wanted me to stop at least until the blood work came back to make sure that there isn't a problem. Being acne free is not worth me doing permanent damage to myself. She told me that if the dosage given is too low than your acne has a better chance of coming back after treatment. Not sure what is gonna happen.
  11. Has anyone here had to stop taking Accutane? I was on it for 14 days at 40mg a day and I experienced severe muscle cramping (back and shoulders), headaches, and blurred vision. I was told to stop taking it and I then had to go get a bunch of blood work done. This really sucks because I have never taken or used any product that made my skin look so good, and I was only on it for a short while. However, being that my derm was planning on raising my dosage to 80mg a day I don't know that I coul