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  1. Firstly, you are gorgeous. Secondly, are you sure this is related to diet, and not the stress/depression that caused you to go off your diet in the first place?
  2. For a few years now, I've been using 2.5% benzoyl peroxide topically. Every single night before bed. And honestly, I was 90% clear. One or two occasionally, around the mouth which has always been my troublesome area. Well after a night of being frustrated, and reading a bunch of topics here claiming how stopping all treatment would help my skin, I decided to go with it. When I read it in the past, I remember thinking how stupid it was, I am only 90% clear because I AM taking the bp. However, a
  3. your skin looks great! just keep doing what you're doing, and your red marks will fade and you'll have flawless skin
  4. just moisturize a bit more and wash your face a bit less often, winter is less humid and therefore can dry you out, causing your pores to clog and make you break out
  5. no idea if its true, but i always thought it was the body's way of producing a scab for it to start healing. kinda like a liquid scab that dries to start healing.
  6. shave really slow and lightly, try to avoid any irritation while shaving. it might take a few minutes longer doing this, but it should cut down on whiteheads.
  7. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=156316 is the original topic poster was referring too
  8. well, the face has little hard to see hair all over it, so maybe its a coincidence?
  9. 2 parts ACV to 1 part juice, the total amount should be 1 gulps amount, hold your nose, drink it, hold onto your nose for like 5 more seconds after you swallow.
  10. as for the ACV, I'd test both out, but not at the same time. ACV on the face as a toner is more for lightening the skin as to get rid of red marks, while drinking it is more of a 'cleaning out the toxins' sort of deal, which actually gets rid of a certain type of acne. on a side note, is your skin dry? 10% bp can be pretty harsh on the skin, which is why most people use a 2.5%
  11. ice on anything inflamed will always bring down swelling, just dont leave it on to long
  12. put vitamin e on it if you have it, and whatever you do, dont pick at the scab. you must let it heal and avoid treating it with medication or washing it too vigorously, and i think it'll heal without a scab. personally, id rather have a bloody red mark on my face than a white head, so i also pop, and i just treat it like a cut by putting some vitamin e on it and letting it heal and its very rare that it scars.
  13. i'd even say mild, with a decent regimen i think you could clear that up very quickly.