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  1. My my, its been quite a while since I've posted. I stopped using the Taz I think...late march? Its been about a month off the taz... and my face...well... is pretty clear. I'll get a pimple now and then on my forhead or whitehead on my cheecks if I don't shave for a few days. Oh except sometimes when I don't shave for a few days my cheek will get really itchy and when I scratch it, I'll get like a cystic bump. It goes away the next day...but it still sucks. I guess I should be shaving ever
  2. Well… it seems last night I was in the bathroom drying myself after a refreshing shower, when I looked to the mirror. I don’t know what I was expecting to see.. but I saw my face and began my thorough inspection of it. My findings were somewhat pleasant. It appeared that my face actually looked pretty good! Please understand, this isn’t anything out of the ordinary as most people find me to be incredibly handsome all the time[outside of my mother mind you], but I was feeling good abou
  3. week 7. My face has gotten considerably clearer. Still some activity, and i never got the IB which is nice so REALLY I have no room to complain... but I'm still not happy with my results yet. However, I was reading other logs, and one comment really stood out to me. Somebody was saying wait it out, her IB lasted 2 months but now her face is so clear. She's on week 14. That put into perspective how little time I'm giving this. I'm halfway of where she is. So, I'll continue and see whats up
  4. Ok, its been 5 weeks. Where am I at? Thats a very good question...and one I'm not really capable of answering. You see my face is for the most part clear, has some minor activity but nothing to complain about. My face is clear, but as of now I am not impressed by the taz, but I've only given it a third of the time it "needs". I stopped using it on my back completely. The redness has faded and turned into tan blotches, which I'm sure given time will fade as well revealing my once wonderful n
  5. Ok I'm exactly 3 weeks from the day I started, and I'm feeling pretty down about the taz. My face has gotten pretty oily, more so than usual, and I have some minor minor breakouts, nothing that I would call an IB. But my face just looks....unhealthy. ugh. And I was looking at my back, and I'm kinda scared that I may have these permanent huge red blotches where I apply the taz. My face doesn't have these marks, but on the counter argument, I use it on my whole face(and my face is slightly re
  6. Ok, I guess this is 19? wow. Well, last night my face started to breakout, and my forehead looked like it was going to have quite a few pimples, but this morning no new activity, and the pimples that came out last night have gotten smaller. So that is good news. Honestly, I think those came from me being such a little girl worrying so bad about IB. I' m just going to try and calm down. I honestly don't think tazorac is having any effect on my chest whatsoever. Its not breaking out, but no
  7. Day 15 Ok...well, I've had Taz on my face, back, and chest for 14 full nights. My face has only been clearer twice in my life. Birth and after accutane. Its dry as hell, but only my chin area is peeling. after showers my forehead looks fake. Also, my forehead has tiny bumps,8. Also one tiny pimple on my chin, and cheek. But thats about all the activity on my face. The rest are dark marks, but those will fade with time. Since I've started taz, I've had 2 new pimples and both have been tiny
  8. Hi, I love to go running, but I'm on taz, and I don't really like to be outside without a sunscreen...but does anybody have any recommendations for a good sunscreen that is sweatproof & waterproof that won't cause breakouts? I hate running at the gym, and if I run at night...in my city, that is only inviting 'unhappy' things. Also...maybe some of you sunscreen connoisseurs may know. I wear nuetrogena revitalizing lotion for men with embedded spf15 for my daily go outside stuff. Is that
  9. **runs like a little school girl downstairs to the vitamin cabinet** And do tell what brand you are using...
  10. Hi, I just found this site...and i wish I had found this years ago. Seems like an awesome little community. Anyway, I just started Tazorac, I'm on day...12, and am very wor...I guess you could say terrified. I've read some of the logs and the sticky about the IB, and the whole "15 months of acne in 3 months" was definitly an attention grabber. I started this treatment on my winter break so I could atleast have a buffer before I go back to school. Anyhow...I'm using this product on my back,