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  1. Okay, I will tell my mom I want something to apply to my face before hand!! Do not want to fel that horribly awkward pain again. Will it work for me though since my pain receptors are screwed up? Orajel works for me, just not any kind of NSAID's or anything like that.
  2. I've had a regular ol' cyst under my left eye since about 3 or 4 years ago. It was the same size until I got it injected with cortisone(cortisol??) back in Feb. Ever since then it's gotten all red and doubled in size. It stopped growing about a month ago. My problem is, why did that happen? Also, IT WAS HORRIBLE!! PAINFUL!! Like it's so close to my eye you might as well have stabbed me in the eyeball with a pen. The pain was just horrible unbearable and that side of my face got all swollen and m
  3. I'm just going to go to a regular doctor for bloodwork and crap like that. Okay, for my face AND stretch marks my derm prescribed me Retin-A. I forgot to mention this huge cyst on my face. It was medium sized before, I treated it with.. Sulfarate or something for a while and it shrunk. But then she injected it with cortisol back in February and it swelled up and now it's HUGEEE and it never went back down. I'm getting that re-injected in 2 weeks and if the medicines and stuff don't work out I
  4. I'm going in a few days. It's just that my derm is, well great except shes like, rich lady likes to give you tons of useless lotions and creams and charge ya a bagillion dollars for them. I've pointed out the skin discoloration before and all she did was give me Tri Luma bleaching cream. That was a waste of time and money because after 2 or 3 weeks I somehow found out about the vaseline and used that and ta-da. I was just wondering if anyone had suggestions as to what to say to her. I have to
  5. I really wasn't sure what forum to put this in. This is sort of a rant BUT I actually could use some advice or something ?? Right, so I had horrible acne, I talked to you guys last year, went on accutane for 6 months and now I have amazingly almost perfect acne free skin and its AMAZING. Accutane has my heart. But I have other skin problems, and was wondering if this all could be related to one thing ?? I think my hormones are not working properly, as in I think I have too much or too little o
  6. 1 out of 100 isn't that rare. 1 out of 100,000 is rare. I'm just very worried. I guess I can just work something out with my derm and stuff. Hopefully I can get the accutane and it will work without messing me up. I can't stand my skin right now so greasy I have to shower like 3 times a day just to wash all the excess oil and dander off my skin =(
  7. It's not super sevre like where I sit at home and cry. I have some control over it. My mom won't let me see a therapist. I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder when I was little so I've always been a little sadder and stressed out. I just don't know what to do. My skin is pretty bad. Oily and flaky and overal itchy. and bumpy. I'm not just doing this for cosmetic reasons, it's really super itchy and my face has like dandruff and gets all weird. Is there ANYTHING else like accutane but not as
  8. Hello! I have had bad acne for about 3 years now, since about 6th grade. Nothing has worked and my dermatologist has run out of stuff to give me so I asked for accutane and she said okay since nothing else has worked. but now I'm worried. Not about that deformed babies thing, I'm not even having sex and I get the depo-shot thing anyways so I can skip my periods (heavy & nasty bad periods run in my family as well as acne) So now in a few days I'm going to go pee in the cup so I can prove ya
  9. Okay. My mom hs... personal choice? I THINK it's called. It comes from Albertson co. So yeah =/ I just dont want to end up wrecking my face or anything. Like I said, I am naturally tan and dont want to end up with my face a differnt color then the rest of me because it would be pretty noticible
  10. Oh and I should probly mention it is NOT caused by my diet. I'm vegetarian/vegan and have been for 2 years. I really only eat organic stuff and cook for myself so I know exactly what is going into my food. I'm very health conscious and am of perfect weight and stuff so my diet of course is not a problem with my acne.
  11. Okay, firstly heres a list of problems I am having with breakouts, 1.Forehead is like the rocky mountains. 90% of the acne of the acne is like this hard bumpy stuff. its un-popable and is basically just .. bumps. it covers pretty much my entire forehead also, 10% is whiteheads. in all the area not coverd by the 'rocky mountains' i have these ugly white-head thingys that a popable but I try to leave them alone even though they itch. Also, my forehead litterly LEAKS this icky, itchy, smell