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  1. How's everyone doing on their green smoothies? I've been doing this for maybe three weeks and my skin hasn't cleared up but it looks better. Most of my breakouts have faded and I'm mostly stuck with uneven facial color. Also, I mostly use spinach instead of rotating my greens. I haven't died yet. My smoothies always contain bannana and spinach. For another fruit I've had blueberries, raspberries, apples, peaches. My favorite so far has been blueberries. Peaches and pineapple are good for the fro
  2. Whats up with baby spinach costing way more than regular spinach? It's like a dollar more per bag and theres only 6oz compared to 8oz of regular spinach. Or something like that.
  3. I like honesty, I'm not so sure about brutal honesty though. If someone has a criticism then they should offer a suggestion on how to improve instead of just being a bitch. I guess just like what Mandy said.
  4. I mostly worked and sat on the computer all summer. I know how you feel man. It's hard going out and worrying about your skin all the time! I got some cool male and female friends that don't care and are always bugging me to hang out with them lol. I didn't stay inside all the time but way more than I would have liked. Well first day of my senior year of college starts in about five hours. Once more unto the breach
  5. I read Dracula two or three years ago, good book. I don't turn out the lights in my room but whenever I go to the bathroom to shave I keep the lights off and shave in the dark lol. Other times when I need a shower or potty break I just avoid looking at the mirror. I haven't looked in a big mirror in months, maybe years. Those little small hand-held ones are easier to look into.
  6. I've been out of high school for four years, and I never experienced anything negative directed toward myself. I'm a pretty nice guy and hey its hard to be a dick to nice guys right? My school had all sorts of people from all economic backgrounds and races. There was this kid on the bus in 8th or 9th grade that harassed me for some reason I can't remember. Once I started throwing punches at him I never heard anything back lol.
  7. I was thinking this song too. One of the few that can bring a tear to my eye even after a million listens.
  8. Just thought I'd share and say that I made my first green smoothie this morning using bannana, pineapple, frozen mango, spinach and water. It had a neutral taste so I guess I should get something like cinnamon to spice it up. Someone asked about growing wheatgrass. I've done it before, if I remember right I got a kit off of wheatgrasskits.com and grew a tray of wheatgrass. It was really easy, they give you directions, soil, fertilizer, seeds, a tray. It was easy and after a week or so a good b
  9. Yeah they are expensive. The most important thing however, notice any imrovements?
  10. Hi guys haven't posted in a while. This diet sounds pretty interesting. Would you like to share some of your favorite recipes for us? And it seems all BenKweller does is start arguments and derail threads from their original intent. I'd like to see relevant posts not pages of pointless argument.
  11. Haha I gotta agree. Wheatgrass is pretty hard to take down. I grew a tray and didn't even juice half of it until I said hey f this =) You gotta be pretty hardcore to take it.
  12. Damn dude those people at your school were pricks. I managed to make it all through high school without any negative comments, and I consider my acne to be on the worse side. I'm glad you are at least doing homeschool or whatever now. Hope your accutane clears you up man.
  13. I'm very satisfied with me, except for the acne part of course. Once that goes away life will get a lot easier.
  14. Haha too funny! And clearasil sucks by the way.
  15. I take over the recommended dose, no side effects noted. I poop faster I think though.