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  1. That's probably the dead skin cells from all the peeling from BP. If its been two weeks then there's going to be many of them. An abundance of dead skin cells on the face can really make it hard for topical products to absorb on the ski , wbich may be why your moisturiser just sits above your skin. Chemically exfoliate and see if that works. Don't physically exfoliate because that may irritate.
  2. I've been using BP for about 5 weeks now. For the first two weeks, I used it once a day and for the past three weeks I've been using it twice a day, only because I saw Dan's regimen and he had bp to be used twice a day. I take doxycycline 50mg twice a day and use a glycolic cleanser. I'm still at that initial breakout that is really horrible, my facial skin is literally deformed and it hurst so much to touch that I can't sleep on my side, it has now started to calm down though. I recently bought