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  1. I've also been there and resorted to the BP regimen even after being on it before. It works to a degree but I found the redness and dryness it caused, even if I didn't get many spots, made the problem worse for me and I was more self conscious than I was before. Reason being is for me is it's the way my skin feels that affects me more. If it feels like it's burning or is sore from a particular spot then it seems like it's way worse than it actually is and I found BP regimens etc amplified thi
  2. Sup man. I used to have that but it was from when I was on a BP regimen and using AHA. Also if you're putting any sort of AHA/BHA etc on that area it could be causing the redness as it's quite a sensitive area.
  3. Basically what I think is happening, as someone has already said and because it's also happening to me too right now, is that your skin is purging. The initial effect of doing the regimen can cause existing or underlying acne to come to the surface and I think it's to be expected. I'm nearly on week four of the regimen and I'm getting the exact same as you - smaller spots getting bigger and turning into big whiteheads. You just need to push past this stage as afterwards you shouldn't get an
  4. Hey, I recognize your name from the forums a while back. I remember because you were from London, which is where I am from too! Anyway I've just started the regimen again and it's good to hear positive feedback. I'm happy that you've had such great success and I look forward to getting there in the near future!
  5. Hey! Welcome! I'm pretty sure the regimen works on all skin types. You will most likely experience dry skin after cleansing at the onset of the regimen but there are plenty of ways to combat it. You definitely won't have to go out in public with dry skin or anything. Jojoba oil is absolutely awesome for dry skin and you can exfoliate gently with it too (there is a post regarding this I can link you to if you need.) Check out Dans video on youtube regarding dry skin on the regimen, it's r
  6. Ah I'm glad to hear that, hopefully it continues that way. That sounds like a good idea! I've just today decreased the amount of BP I'm using by a bit as I think I started a bit too fast. I definitely agree with getting all acne.org products as you know they are all going to be perfect and it gives you the confidence that you're doing everything right. I look forward to using the AHA once I've been on the regimen long enough, I hear awesome things about it. One last thing, if you find at an
  7. Ah ok cool. Oh, one last thing, check this thread out if you haven't already - http://www.acne.org/messageboard/official-...p;hl=Baby+Brush It's got a lot of positive feedback! I used to do it the last time I was on the regimen and it really helped but my baby brush is really old now and the bristles are too hard to use on my face. Think I'll get a new one!
  8. Thanks for the replies! I was under the impression that after 2 or 3 times of using it I should change it I have no idea where I got that impression from, and it's quite clearly wrong! Thanks again.
  9. Haha no problem. I'm in a similar boat to you as I'm on the regimen and still experiencing the 'hardening effect'. I did the regimen a while back and always had problem with flakes early on but I hadn't heard of jojoba oil until this time around. It's honestly so worth investing in as soon as you can, as unfortunately you won't get the same results doing that technique with the moisturizer. You don't necessarily have to get the product through here if there is a cheaper means of getting it
  10. Thanks, I didn't realise this section existed!
  11. Can I just add that it might be worth checking out this post also for help with flakes. Helped me a lot. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/problems-...in-t162645.html
  12. Hey, I'm no expert but it'd be good to get an idea on a couple of things. Do you do the regimen on your whole face or just part of it? Also, how much BP are you using as if it's not your entire face then you shouldn't be using 2 full pumps. So you know, I've been doing the regimen 3 weeks now (although I used to do it a while back for a quite a few months) and I'm still experiencing the 'hardening effect'. My skin is still red (although getting better), I still have flakes after cleansing (
  13. Just a quick one. I'm on the regimen using a sensor excel razor and was wondering how often to change the razor head? I'd prefer answers from people using the same or similar blades as they do differ from disposables. Thanks!
  14. Most definitely. Always do the same three steps throughout the course of doing the regimen. Cleanse, treat, moisturize. If you stop moisturizing then eventually your skin will start getting dry and irritated - not good! So yes, carry on moisturizing
  15. Thanks for the reply uglygenes! I'll take your word for it